Neo 2T with Single Stages with Powermatch

Quick question, I am using a Tacx Neo2T with a training bike using a single side Stages.

I normally use the Neo power with TR and pair the Stages with Zwift for comparison and diversion.

The Neo is normally 10 to 15 watts higher than the Stages and I was wondering if its worth using Power match in this scenario? Or is Powermatch better left to ‘true’ left/right powermeters? I have an approx 3% left/right imbalance and don’t want my numbers skewed by Powermatch using the data from a single side meter.

Any ideas or advice or should I stick with my current set up? (I do have a dual Stages on the race bike but don’t want to use it on the trainer)

I’m on a Neo2 with a left only Stages PM.
People report different experiences with power match and left only PM’s. It’s one of those things you should probably try out yourself.

Personally, I hate power match with the stages. It fluctuates as my balance shifts with the most simple movements on the bike.
Could it impact my training in a negative way? Who knows.

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I’m not a fan of single sided power meters, as I have an imbalance at times and it artificially inflates the power. On average it’s within a watt or two, but there’s a definite difference during a surge.

I’d rely on the Neo 2T. It’s, for all intents and purposes, more accurate than a Stages L.

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