Tacx Neo 1 Cadence issue

As you can see from this excerpt from my ride today that my cadence goes through these periods during a ride that wildly overestimates it briefly and then goes back to normal. I’ll be riding along at 98-104 and then it starts to read at 170-180 before going back. Anyone experience this with the Neo? I know it’s the neo because it reports on both TR and Zwift.

Based on what you are describing, I think this may be an issue better directed towards Tacx. But to look a bit deeper to start:

  1. Are you are on the latest Tacx firmware?
  2. What devices and connection (ANT+ or BLE) are you using for each app?

need to check on the firmware.

I’m using PC with two ANT+ dongles. 1 for TR and 1 for Zwift.

I’m assuming the Neo is broadcasting and both dongles are picking up the same wrong info.

Yea, that would be my guess too.

If you have the option, it would be interesting to see what data you gather from a BLE connection to a phone or tablet, if you have one to test.

I’m on a 1st gen Neo. I have never seen this.

I often run both. Sometimes on different devices (Zwift - AppleTV or iPhone, TR - MacBook) and sometimes on the same device (MacBook). Either way, I have Zwift on BLE and TR on ANT+.

I start TR first. Get it going, then minimize. Then, start and setup Zwift.

Back pedaling usually clears that up and once it’s cleared up it’s less likely to reoccur. Usually 15 seconds.

I am a Tacx Neo V1 user for almost more than 2 years. I have never experienced it. I have a very complicated set up with all kinds of wireless coms in the room. Zero issues.

Tacx Neo ANT+ connection to my Garmin - Just get some idea on VO2Max improvements
Tacx Neo BT to my PC for my TR workouts
Wahoo HR ANT+ Connection to my Garmin
Wahoo HR BT connection to my PC for TR
Pioneer ANT+ Connection to Garmin to see the power difference just to get idea
Headset BT to my phone
Wireless connection to my PC for TR, Ipad for some Youtube videos and to my phone to receive calls


And zero issues :slight_smile:

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As you can see by the graph it clears up on it’s own, almost always in less than 15 seconds.

firmware is up to date already.

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Not sure, but my cadence doing Black today was fine. Could perhaps the intervals I’m doing be throwing off the neo.

Based on that, it may be time to send some files to support at Tacx and see what they have to say (if you haven’t already done so).

Here is the reply from Tacx. Seems pretty flimsy. Sounds like they basically say that my cadence is too smooth. Which really probably means ERG mode allows me to keep a steady cadence despite the massive fluctuations in power between a vo2 max peak and a valley.

see below.

Dear Russel,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

The cadence is a calculated value

The NEO measures this as follow:
It can see a fluctuation on power when you pedal.
So each pedal stroke, the NEO will see a power difference.
By using this power difference it can calculate a cadence
On a workout with low power or slope a rider can maintain a very steady cadence, so push very fluent.
If you are using clipped shoes for example, you will drag the pedal up with one foot and simultaneously push the other pedal down with your other foot.
At that point it is hard for the NEO to see the power differences and will not be able to calculate the cadence that accurate.

On trainings with a higher resistance it is harder to keep a steady input of power, so easier for the NEO to see the differences and calculate.
So the smoother you are dividing your balance, the less reliable the cadence calculation is.
(This is actually a good sign as your pedal stroke is very fluent).

If you want to check if it is not the NEO that is defect you can try pedaling “less” fluent.

Kind Regards

Tacx Support

Funny, but mostly correct too. I have issues with cadence from my PowerTap hub and Hammer/H2 when I am “too smooth”. Each is looking for the pulses and variation in power delivery. When you are extra smooth, especially at higher cadences, there can be wildly different values captured via this method when compared to a dedicated counter.

This occurs for me as well on my Neo1.

Usually when power falls or cadence suddenly drops. Usually short lived for a dozen seconds or so. Always pretty much is double the actual cadence.

This is a calculated cadence and sometimes it loses the plot but usually finds its way again.

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I have had the same issue with my V1 Neo. I believe the cadence sensor is optical and only tracks on one side. I do a fair bit of Isolated Leg work and I used to see issues with this. I had an extra cadence sensor which I used for a while but then I just stopped caring to be honest. Let us know if you come up with a solution or an official response from Tacx.

No, V1 Neo does not use an optical cadence sensor. Using an algorithm, the cadence is detected via differences in power output through each pedal revolution.


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Hey everyone,
I just found this topic as I’m affected by this too. It does not bother me too much though, but it’s good to read I’m not alone, it might help others too. Always occurs after hard Intervals in a recovery valley. As others reported, for me its broadcasted both in ANT+ and BLE.
I also think that I’m seeing this more frequently as time goes on. Maybe some lubrication on the neo wears out?

Y’all may have something like Tourette’s syndrome but with your legs where they suddenly spin at some ridiculous RPM.