Tacx NEO 2T bike compatibility with Scott Aspect 950

im a new one and got my first smart trainer as gift from grandparents. Now im trying to find suitable bike to start use Tacx NEO 2T smart trainer.
I need some help to find out does Scott Aspect 950 will fit with that or not? (https://www.scott-sports.com/global/en/product/scott-aspect-950-dk-blue-green-bike) Its hard to find any info abt axle size and if those disc breaks will be supported or not.

Looks like that bike uses standard 135mm quick release, that should be fine.

The rear brake I’m less clear on. I believe this is more an issue with through axle road bikes with disc brakes and there are various spacers included to get the needed clearance. Worst case you can always unbolt the caliper from the frame.

I did had needed spacer included for 8/9/10 speed cassettes. So i think it should be fine. Thanks for info :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: