Tacx Neo 2SE vs 2T

Hey all,

My Flux 2 has crapped out after 3 years’ service. It’s been making a loads of noise while pedalling for a few months, and 2 of the last 3 times using it I can’t get any power readings.

So given I will be riding indoors 6 times a week through winter
(this was yesterday)…

I want something reliable, accurate and quiet.

Searching for a Neo 2T (£1055) I stumbled across the 2SE at £700. I’ve read these considerations from @dcrainmaker: Tacx Update: Tacx NEO 2 SE Explainer, and Tacx Smart Bike Tidbits | DC Rainmaker

At £350 cheaper the SE seems like a no brainer as a rider whose sole existence isn’t sprints in Zwift races - so much so I’m questioning if ive missed something!

Views? Experience of the 2 (or 2SE) Vs the 2T?

I got the first 2 and love it. Coming from a Kickr it much more quest and the feeling is more realistic…the though of going back to a Kickr is not appealing now (first worlds problems)
There’s some online chatter about problems with the 2T’s that i remember reading vs the SE which sounds like they figured a few things out.

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I’ve got a 2t and it’s great however the SE at £700 (wiggle?) is a bit of a no brainier. Basically it’s a neo 2 but with the axle of the 2t, see the below for a better explanation…

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We have a 2 and a 2T and I don’t think I can even tell the difference.

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Thanks - I saw that earlier. So sounds like it just a better set of magnets in the 2T, but agree the price is extremely good

Excellent - think that settles it for me!

That’s about it. I’ve not ridden the neo 2 so I can’t comment on how much or even if there is a noticeable difference. But I’m pleased with our 2t. That price at wiggle can vary, I’ve not seen it lower than it is now… it was £899 last week…

I got a 2 SE from Wiggle back in March for £699, its been flawless.

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