Tacx Vortex Problem

I have a Tacx Vortex and when used in Erg mode I have to calibrate and unplug to restart it several times before I can do my workout because as soon as I start the workout in the first seconds it starts becoming harder and harder no matter the power asked by the workout to the point you can not turn the pedals any more, some times it start harder than usual but you can pedal but RPMs readings jump from very low to very high no matter your RPMs and again it starts to become harder and harder no matter the power ask by the workout, some times calibration works, sometimes I can not use the trainer, it never responds any thoughts?

Have you contacted Tacx support?

Are you also using a power meter or just the trainer for power?

How about a test in Resistance mode to see if it behaves the same or differently?

Just the trainer for now, my bike was stolen with my vectors and haven’t have the chance to replace it :cry:

What resistance number do you recommend for the testing? I always find resistance mode very heavy even at 1 or 2

OK, bummer on the theft. Just looking for variables to consider.

Resistance Mode is a 1-100% range. I use 10-30% depending on the specific trainer.

Standard Mode (what I am guessing you might have) is a 1-9 range, IIRC. It is meant to mimic the power curve of a fluid trainer. The few times I have had a trainer with that function, I like 1-2. But that can vary with the gearing you have and your FTP relative to the trainer.

What happend using the TACX app and have you updated the firmware recently? My Vortex on occasion during a workout will go super hard for a second or two but always corrects itself quickly. I usually attribute these to a hiccup in wireless communications

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Mine has the same issue with resistance spikes. TR support have diagnosed it as an issue with ANT+/Bluetooth dropouts. Interestingly it’s a lot better on the new desktop app than it was on the old one

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I have resistance (%) will give it a try

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Yes all is uptodate Thank you

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Yeah try resistance and see if it works fine.

Then for erg mode, make sure you force close any other app that may have access to it (like say tacx utility used to calibrate/check whether it['s too tight or not)

I try to make sure i disable any other bluetooth or ANT+ interference.

I had some issues when i started using it but ever since i started doing this “voodoo dance” before using it, no issues at all… then it also depends on what gear/chain ring you’re in

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I have a vortex and this seemed to pop up in past few days. Not every interval but coming back from a break it did it yesterday.

Only change on my side is new desktop app.

Went to resistance and delt with it that way