Tacx Genius and ERG Mode

Ok my question seems to stem around how fast does ERG mode catch up or decrease with this trainer?

Did following before today’s ride.

  • firmware update
  • power meter calibration
  • set the ERG mode to auto (power match)
  • spin down calibration of trainer.

Then did ride : Baxter https://www.trainerroad.com/career/jbspillman/rides/44144366

It seems resistance from trainer takes a long time to respond to variances in cadence or power. Is this normal? How fast should it adjust automatically?

  • Tacx Genius
  • Stages 5800
  • Wahoo Speed
  • BT HRM

On large transitions such as sprint intervals jumping 50+ W my TACX Vortex takes about 5-6s to catch up. I’ve stopped worrying about it.

Do you use power match?

No, I don’t have a power meter. I depend strictly on the Vortex in Erg mode

Hi! new here with Tacx vortex, how often you do a calibration spin down? You do the calibration from TR app or from Tacx utility? Thanks!

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I just got my trainer, you are supposed to calibrate before each ride. I just used the TR app cause I figured that was what I was using for my workout.

Once I set the tension with the TACX app, I just keep the the tire pressure the same so that shouldn’t change much. I am admittedly lazy and forget to do the TR calibration regularly, and definitely not every ride.

Yes on trainer I run higher PSI in rear so I have more tension on wheel and roller contact point. I will try setting it up in the tacx app too to see how that feels. I just feel like I am spinning forever waiting for it to catch up to the changes. I have not tried resistance mode, or used in the Zwift or other simulation apps yet.

There may be a trainer firmware update too when you connect via the app. I think however, it just can’t respond as quickly as one would like.

I am thinking of going this route the more I think about it… indoor vs outdoor Training and Riding is so different…

So I just tried again, not much cycling this year. However, I still don’t understand why the ERG mode doesn’t let me get the watts I need to continue… The app has a low end cadence? Todays ramp test decided to just stop. I felt ok, was going well. It was hard but I was not done. Strange. I let Tacx control all elements of work out today…


What gear are you in. You may find you need to shift into a harder gear to allow the trainer to generate enough resistance.

What do you mean “just stop”? The app froze? The trainer froze? You said you were not done, so what stopped you from continuing? The TR file looks fine

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The resistance went from me pedaling at like 80-85 rpm to some level of I can’t turn the pedals, and this was mid interval. It was a weird sensation.

The only thing that can be is a bike or trainer fault. But, the link to the ramp test you posted looks textbook so I’m unsure whats happening at all.

Looking at your previous rides it seems pretty consistent with what you would be expecting :thinking:

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I agree that it seems more like a trainer issue. I wonder how the trainer performs at similar wattage (in other workouts) where the issues presents in the ramp test?

I used the trainer over the last few months on resistance mode via Zwift and Rouvy. It works semi-flawlessly once paired calibrated, aligned, etc. The only thing I have ever had issues with is ERG mode.

I feel like with the watt number is never obtainable, even at low values I can barely maintain it in ERG mode. Example image shows I am under the wattage required for the interval even early on.failed01

What is the range of which one would consider that interval a failure? Plus\Minus 5,3 ?

I tried taking pics of the results per “step” but seems I don’t need to do that as the Ramp Test data is capturing that on the web view of the workout.

Yeah, if your TR account public, you can share a direct link to the workout on the web for us to review.

Being short at the start of a step (4-seconds in your pic) is common. No ERG adjustment is instant, and we wouldn’t want it to be anyway.

Some trainers take longer than others to adjust, and that is unfortunate, but part of the game. In the course of a Ramp test, it really doesn’t matter as long as the power/resistance continues to increase. If it stalls out, like you are describing, then it’s an issue.

I totally missed and cannot find how to make the ride public lol… Stava Link until then: https://www.strava.com/activities/2209469475

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Those steps look totally fine to me.

For reference, here is what my Ramp test from last night looks like:

Strava: https://www.strava.com/activities/2209721184/analysis

  • (CycleOps H2 trainer, power data captured with PowerTap P1 pedals, not using power match)

TR: https://www.trainerroad.com/career/chader09/rides/52331465-ramp-test

  • (CycleOps H2 trainer, power data captured with H2 trainer, not using power match)

Ok, maybe ill just use my Stages L and not use power match and be very careful at the end of and start of an interval to make sure i am getting more watts than the next step will request. Then let the ERG mode settle in and hang out.

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