Tacx Flux calibration problem

I’m trying to calibrate my Tacx Flux trainer. The app on my phone connects perfectly and I’ve updated the software to the latest edition.
However, when I try to calibrate - the screen opens with the option at the top “start calibration” when clicked the screen is practically black with the only option to “cancel”
Having looked really carefully I can see it’s asking me to start pedalling - but it’s nigh on impossible to read as the definition between the background and wording is so poor (but the “cancel” option remains very prominent?
Any help would really be appreciated!!

My screen is dark too but I can still pedal and let it calibrate. What happens if you pedal?

Have you got dark mode enabled or some kind of setting, or low battery? Mine comes up fine. The speed it asks you to reach involved spinning over 100rpm if you use the little ring like I do, so try going reasonably hard within 20 seconds or so and backing off, see if it works anyway.
Alternatively you can just calibrate it inside trainerroad

Just in case I’m being really daft (strong possibility :wink:), are you using the TACX specific App? If so, I’ve had nothing but problems with that App (iOS). Every time I wanted to use it to calibrate my trainer, I had to delete the version currently installed on my phone and download it again.

My recent calibrations have all be done using the options within the TR App. Seems to be far more reliable and stable.