iOS app v4.0, Tacx NEO 2, calibration issue - spin down fails

Hello. On the latest version of the iOS app (v4.0) I was prompted to calibrate to my trainer, Tacx NEO 2. Span up to 32kmph then stopped and let the trainer spin down. A few seconds later the app reported the spin down calibration failed. Tried three or four times to no avail. Are others having this issue?

This was my first time using the app for a workout, usually using the Mac app. not sure if this has anything to do with it but I’ll try the Mac app tomorrow to see if a) the Mac app asks me to calibrate (has never done that before)** and b) if it does then see if the spin down works.

** I assume calibration is only a cross check to see if the data is being read correctly from the trainer, i.e., it won’t affect my actual power output from the trainer, only check if the app is reporting/displaying it accurately.

Neo’s don’t need calibration. Just ignore the calibration prompt.


I see. Might be good to suppress the prompt for Tacx Neo trainers then (from memory the calibration comes up after I’ve paired the trainer, so the app knows what I’m using). Or at least put a message there that says “Tacx Neo users don’t need to calibrate [skip]”.


Yes, we’ve asked for removal of the prompt for Neo users, but it’s still in there at the moment.

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