Tacx flux 2 user input, recommendations and advice. or h2 instead?

I’ve got a kickr core that is on its last legs. I’ve been waiting a few months for the flux 2 to drop and or looks like it will March 29.
The problem is there is 0 info on the web on this trainer.
DC rainmaker did a noise test on it 6 weeks ago and said he would have a full review out around 2 weeks ago but nothing.
Shane gplama has not mentioned anything so I’m not sure if he has one to test.
With dcrainmakers delays im wondering if there are issues with the trainer and if any Europeans that already have them can comment.

I’ve got an opportunity to buy a new h2 for $800 USA and I might leap at it as the TR crew seem to love them. I would miss how quiet the core is. But I don’t want to play the return or fix game.

Thanks for any input.

I and others are super happy with the H2. I have several other trainers for comparison, and I like the overall feel and response of the H2 a bit more in nearly all cases.

It is a bit more noisy than my Neo 2, but quieter than my Kickr17. It works very well and makes less noise if you run in the small chainring as well.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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H2 for $800 is the way to go imo. I went to an H2 and it’s been flawless so far.

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I’ve got the S as my office trainer. No complaints so far. Its certainly not the level of my Neo, but I haven’t come across anything yet that is even close.