Tacx Flux 2 firmware update 3.3.4

Hey hey. A few weeks back DC rainmaker said on the podcast he would heavily discourage people from the flux 2 due to accuracy issues (a good 5 months after I’d bought one…!!!)

Well I had an update on mine just today. I forgot to screenshot before I installed and I can’t find any info online yet. One of the fixes was accuracy.

Has anyone else got this yet? Interested to see how the fix is too when DCR gets a chance

Hi. Tacx sent me the same firmware update last week to try to fix the accuracy issues of my Flux 2. In my case, it was under-reporting power below 150 watts. Above 150 watts it was fine. The update didn’t fix the problem so Tacx have agreed to take back my faulty unit and to give me a discount voucher for the Neo 2T. Ironically, as I tear out what’s left of my hair, according to DCR, the Neo 2T isn’t without accuracy issues either…

Good to know. Were you testing it against another power meter by chance? I’d never got round to doing it but will soon be swapping the vectors from summer bike to winter/turbo bike to find out

I had noticed in the past that low power didn’t really read right but didn’t care too much tbh.

I compared it against my Assioma Duos on a ramp test and also Tacx asked me to create a custom workout at various power levels and I sent them all the data. The fact that it was off for low power only doesn’t affect me on a practical level but I still want it to be correct.