Tacx ant+ antenna repair

So I tripped on my tacx ant dongle and bent it pretty badly at the connector.
I thought it was broken but after I bent it back and added some tape it seems to work ok. Though I don’t really trust it to keep working like that.

I was thinking I could just solder a new usb connector on it instead of buying a new one and also making it even longer.
I’ve lengthened some usb 2 cables in the past which was no problem.

But is the tacx antenna usb 2 or 3? I can’t find the info anywhere.
If it’s wired like a usb 3 cable I think I’ll just buy a new one.

I am not a hardware guy, but the official thisisant.com website has a lot of technical and low level information spread across many specification documents. It’s a bit cumbersome to find exactly what you need, but overall they are very well written, nothing like the bluetooth mess. I used them to implement the ANT+ protocol in javascript for use in the browser. You would need to make a free profile to get to see most of them.

Try it :person_shrugging:t2:

Definitely a standard USB 1.1/2.0 connector.


The expensive Tacx ANT dongle appears to be exactly the same as the cheap ones. Difference is the cheap ones are full size USB and the Tacx is mini-USB. But a cheap one plus a 2/$5 USB->mini USB adapter is still cheaper than the Tacx one, and about the same size.