Bluetooth Dongle Compatibility?

The above link is the model from the support page. Is there another recommendation for Windows dongle from like Amazon? I am going to try to get better dongle\adapter to see if that helps the Tacx Genius I have.

After having several issues of the last few years with a Bluegiga I switched to an Anself ANT+ and it has been rock solid.

Having just recently got a Tacx Neo I thought I’d give the Bluegiga another try, big mistake.

Below is a couple of back to back Taku-1 rides I did the other night whilst in discussion with TR Support.



Needless to say, I am now back using the Anself ANT+.

I have an Ant Tower from my Tacx, maybe I’ll just stick to that.

Been using this one for 4yrs now w/a USB extension cable. It’s been rock solid.

Has anyone found a Bluetooth dongle that works? I used the Bluegiga dongle for about a year without issue but since the beginning of this year I have had nothing but trouble with my Bluetooth cadence sensor. I have replaced the cadence sensor and the dongle and had no improvement. Unfortunately I didn’t think that this particular brand (from Mouser Electronics) was the problem but after reading this post it looks like it might be. So is there anything for Bluetooth users that works reliably?

I prefer using ANT+ because is more stable and works with all others sensors
Suunto movestick mini (works even with usbc adaptor with my android phone and tablets)

I must not have had my coffee when I responded to this thread the last time. I totally missed the “Bluetooth” part :man_facepalming:


Hey guys. Corey here from the TrainerRoad Support team. I just wanted to chime in to make sure everyone was on the same page in regards to using Bluetooth dongles with TrainerRoad.

While there are several other Bluetooth dongles on the market, the only on that is compatible with TrainerRoad is the BLED112 manufactured by Bluegiga. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be able to find a better dongle/adapter to use.

That said, @jbspillman, we’ve had one of our support agents reach out to you via email to see if there’s any other ways we could improve the behavior of your Tacx Genius.


So from what I read, the latest release supports native windows bluetooth now.

Yep. I’ve done a couple of workouts with it now and it’s been flawless.

Thanks Corey. This is useful. I had an open issue that my laptop does NOT connect to my Bluetooth devices even though it has bluetooth hardware. We tried a lot of things (uninstalling, reinstalling, trying older versions, updating drivers, ect). How likely is it that the BLED112 would resolve this issue? I have an ANT+ adaptor but my trainer is bluetooth only. I would like to use my computer for training more (group WO) but can’t when my trainer only connects to the phone app.