Sweet Spot / Threshold intervals on hills - outside workouts

Guys I am interested in people thoughts on using a 32 tooth rear instead of the 28 to assist in keeping the power down in sweet spot zone.

I have a 52/36 front and when doing hill repeats the power normally sits at about the VO2 area.

I go through phases where being indoors doesn’t cut it and at the moment I am heading outside as often as possible. I am blessed that the weather here in QLD, Australia is always pretty good and I happen to have a perfect Mountain 2km from my home so love using it.

Would be interested in your thoughts on this.

Absolutely a good idea. My two training hills are 10%+ grade, so I need a 36 rear to keep a comfortable cadence at threshold pace. Change it up to what works for your power, cadence and hills.

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Do it.

I normally ride a 53/39 paired to an 11-26. I put a 50/34 on the front and a 30 tooth cassette on the back a few weeks ago. I’m very happy with the combination for training rides. I live in a hilly area, and it makes long sweet spot intervals far more feasible, and the ability to keep my cadence going up a long 8-10% grade really keeps me much fresher.

50/34 with 11/34 in the back only way to keep stuff consistent where I live.

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