Sweet Spot Progression

Looks like a great base phase. Covid ruïned my base that i wanted to.start in december. So this year no good progressive base phase with tempo/sweet spot work :-(. 47hrs in january but my goal is within 14weeks so I have to increase intensity but it is a Gran fondo so…maybe some STT/threshold work could also work. But I also need some vo2 max stuff to Bé able to survive thé surges at thé beginning

For me, after doing a week of testing last week, I’m going to do some vo2 work. I did a 5 and 20 min test and both times it felt like my breathing was the limiting factor. My legs felt like they could have done more without the usual lactate burn and build up etc, and 20 min power is now 81% of my 5 min power, so it feels like time to raise the roof. Originally in my plan I had a threshold block next but decided to swqp it around.

This would probably be a great idea. During base I capped my Saturdays at 3 hours Z2 (higher end), and then worked up to 5 hours Z2 (mid zone) Sunday. But in terms of Z2 hours, IMO more is always better (in base at least)!

Any thoughts on how to structure week while chasing sweet spot progression?

For now, I have planned until middle of March 2x SS workouts per week, rest Z2 at LT1 a la:

After that with SS90/1x90min I’m thinking using POL6HV plan VO2max progression on Tuesdays and keep pushing SS on Fridays, other days still at LT1. I have no end goal, just interested extending SS as far as possible (SS90/1x180 :stuck_out_tongue: )

Why only 2 SST per week. With the time you have available you could be doing 3, and tack on additional Z2 if needed just to get the overall time you are trying to hit.

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I tend to agree - if SST is the focus of the block then I’d look to do a third session if possible (I’d maybe be slightly more cautious if it was threshold).

These are big sessions, and riding at Ae threshold probably isn’t massively recuperative, so to include another decent SST workout, they might need to tone down the Z2 intensity of the other sessions.


Indeed, I’ll be glad to switch to 3 SS sessions. Those AE days are little self-experimentation on increasing power on HRV-based calculated LT1 HR capped rides over training block but it is better to postpone it until can ride outdoors. Have been keeping me really fresh but backside is complaining very loudly.

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Definitely, in my AeT rides with 150bmp limiter, the average for the whole duration is between 139-144.

Given that my HR at threshold is around 177-180, I have to keep my expectations in check. If somehow I can do it I’ll mean my FTP increased in the off-season :rofl:. Or my previous estimate was too low.

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Personally, at 44 and “only” riding ten hours a week, I have the most success with two SST and a tempo ride along with Z2. When I was doing three long SST workouts, I would fatigue pretty quickly. This base season I carried the SST + tempo + Z2 consistently without issue.


Just completed a rest week and started testing week (following WKO protocols/rides) to build out the model.
mFTP has gone from 301 to 336. This is far and away the largest increase i’ve ever seen since i’ve started testing/riding and is 60+w over what I last raced with.
Dreading what these next workouts are going to look at, especially when old threshold is the new SST.


Yep, me too but i think i can cope with it for 4 weeks until roads are clean enough for outdoor rides. Then I’ll switch back to 2x extra-hard SS + 4x AE rides.

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What were you doing on the non-SST days?
Reading some of the posts from others it always appears that people are trying to do too much (ie. tempo) on the non-SST days and then just slowly run themselves into the ground.

Nothing but Z2. And when I say long, I mean trying to do 75, 75, 90 in one week. Probably outside factors too. But this season I managed a four day block of 75-90 tempo-recovery-3x30. But that was near the end of a block. For me, two long SST days is good with a tempo ride and the rest Z2. But seemed like 3 long SST was a bit too much. Maybe I could handle it now, but didn’t need to either.

I just smashed out a 2:30 PDC test today after some recovery the last few days… every all time PR from like 1:08 to 3:0Xsomething coming out of my SST block with just a little bit of threshold and O/U work… and about six weeks off COVID. So that’s nice.

Time to bring the VO2max noise.


So guys… what is your sweet spot HR? My cycling HRMax is 196. I feel that my SS avg is about 83% (162) and peak (ususlly at the end of last interval is up to 87% (170).

I validated (with lactate testing) that the values are bellow my MLSS but not how much.

I followed the general theme/ comments within this thread to aim for a cap of about 85% of MaxHR when doing my 6 week SST progression block out to 1x90 @ 90% FTP.


Nice work! What/how much prep do you do between resting and testing?

How do you plan your threshold work? I am looking for an approach of a 8 week FTP increase block. Lost some 20w due to covid 2 months ago. Should I focus on SST progression? Or should I focus on FTP or vo2max work? After that 8 week block I have a training camp and then 3 weeks to my Gran Fondo’s…

This is a good target. Since the dynamics below threshold are linear, HR % should match power %, ideally.

I did a long over under workout on Monday to close the block. Then recovery rides Tuesday and Weds, Thursday off. Friday 90 min low Z2 with 5x30s openers at around 120%. Short power tests Saturday.

After VO2max work I’ll rest more than that.

Before running any longer tests I want to get some work in my legs so I’m not stale, so I usually do those early in a training block.

Coming off COVID a SST/temp block is perfect to get things right. Once you get your progression where you want it, intro some threshold and over/under work. You’ll get right quick, IMO. All said not knowing anything about your history, just a solid approach IMO.

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