Sweet spot intervals

I do math in my head on the long intervals to pass the time. Basically I try to figure out fractions of how far I am into the interval and count them off

The big ones like 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 are usually pretty easy to figure out (7:30, 5:00, 3:45 for a 15 minute interval) but I usually start to get a little foggy brained when it gets down to 1/7 or 1/9

Stupid tricks


You guys are weird. :rofl:

My time on the bike is all about the bike & how I perform on said bike. If it’s a long 30 min flat interval I might just zone out, turn off the ol’ brain, but most of the time I focus on my position or my pedalling technique or my breathing etc et al. So much to do whilst I’m flogging myself on the trainer that I don’t have time, nor the inclination, to let myself get bored.


Music… this is why I have Headphones on and listen to music… I can get lost in these workouts that are mind numbingly boring to do at times!

Give me VO2 Max Intervals any day to keep me engaged!

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I did Icefall -1 today for change of pace from SSB2. I think it’s more of an endurance workout, but has 4x15 minute over-under intervals (tempo–>sweet spot–>threshold). It was sneaky hard and the variation made the workout fly by. The worst part for me was the 10 minute rest intervals. I’m not a fan of long rest intervals.

This. Long SS intervals don’t bore me like they do all the ADHD people. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3 hour trainer ride…ya no kiddding you needed distraction. how did you record all this?

really wish you could export TR workouts indoor to a head unit instead of needing to use the TR app every time. Similar to how TP workouts can be loaded to a head unit, and then ridden over a Rouvy route. Totally agree Rouvy for me was a game changer last season, but there’s not enough structure there. I’d love them to work together. I guess how to get TR workouts into TP then to head unit? what a pain :weary:

  • You can. Just set it as an outdoor workout in TR, sync to your head unit, pair your trainer ro the HU and you are good to run the workout right from the head unit.

the wish is running the indoor workout on the head unit… partly because the outside workouts are not the same. I’m sure you already understand that…

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From what I understand, some are different but some are the same. I have not done any comparison, so I may well be wrong. Just going off what I’ve read at this point.

The only solution is to recreate the workouts in trainingpeaks and push it into the head unit. Works everytime but it is time consuming. But their workout creator is very user friendly end quite fast to use.

The new workout creator should have the ability to push the workout to the head unit…at least I wish it would have this functionality.

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I simply record all my indoor sessions with my head unit, e.g. Wahoo Bolt Element

I often use several platforms to control my trainer during one sessions. Head unit records everything.

Until Nate starts talking about cape epic or laxatives and you look down and you’ve just spent 120 minutes straight at SS. Oops