Sweet Spot Base LV vs Polarized Base HV

Endurance PLs are probably the easiest ones to get higher, so you have that going for ya!

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Actually, I think it might be the opposite. His endurance PL will go up fast, so will that mean his weekly plan hours also go up fast?

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Hahah yeah… so actually I’m really glad I posted this topic now.

Given that it looks like higher endurance PLs equals more training hours, that really changes how I’m looking at this.

The way the plans are currently presented to me, I like, but the additional hours that those of you who have higher PLs have seem like I wouldn’t be able to do.

Looking at the LV and MV polarized plans, I would lose the second intensity day. So I’m not sure that would be as beneficial as just sticking with the “standard” TrainerRoad LV plan and supplementing with Z2.

Is that true for the Mid Volume? Maybe it’s PL dependent, but I am seeing 2 “hard” days in my MV plans (Base pic below, Build not pic’d).


Jonathan said the MV plan should still have 2 hard workouts, they’re just both Threshold now instead of one TH and one VO2. I started a new MV POL plan this week and can confirm that’s what I see.

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Absolutely. I just hadn’t realized this meant that some peoples plans had more hours than others.

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Yeah, we’ve known that plans all vary to each person and their current PL for a long time. As mentioned, the time component is notable with differences between some plans. Per my PL’s above, with high Endurance level as well as Thresh & VO2:

  • SSBaseMV1 = 6:15 hours max in 3 of the weeks

  • SSBaseMV2 = 6:15 hours max in 4 of the weeks

  • TradBase MV1 = 7:45 hours max

  • TradBase MV2 = 8:15 hours max (2x)

  • TradBase MV3 = 10:00 hours max

  • POLBaseMV = 9:40 hours max with all 8:15 hours or more

So, it seems there is likely some limit set for for SSB in particular, while TB and POL seem to be more open for duration to suit PL’s.