Sweat damage to phones in jersey pockets?

I need to replace my waterproof Pixel 2 phone.

I don’t want to go back to putting my phone in a Ziplock like it’s 2009. I’d like to get the Pixel 4a but it doesn’t have the IPXX waterproof rating so I’m conflicted.

Has anyone ever busted a phone that’s not waterproof rated just with a jersey pocket sweat (I can soak the surface of a phone)? I might be willing to take the chance… Or should I pay more for a waterproof Pixel 5 that has a bunch of other features I don’t need. I’m concerned that it will be fine for a while until the sweaty moisture one day starts wreaking havoc on the internals.

My solution: The only Rapha item I own:


The case / wallet is brilliant. Fits my phone, wallet (both not super large models), keys and since recently a mask… Size is perfect for the back pocket and keeps everything tidy together and dry.

There are also other (and pricier) similar wallets available from Bellroy and Silca for example. This style of case / wallet replaced my Ziplock bag and I’m not looking back.


Second the rapha essentials case. Phone, wallet and key go in there. I can use my credit card tap through it so i dont have to take anything out at cafes.


I havent had an issue with my iphone. I do have a case on it, and make a point to have the screen facing away from my back though.


I throw mine in a ziplock bag first if I’m expecting a sweaty day.


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It depends on your daily usage of your phone. What do you use your phone for?

If you simply use your phone to read emails and browse web, you can easily replace it with a cheaper phone with waterproof rating or an older flagship model with proper ip rating.

I use an Assos fancy ziplock that they send out when you buy a pair of shorts. I’ve always used some kind of ziplock for money, id as well as to protect the phone in case it ever rains.


I have ruined a Nexus phone by keeping it in the back pocket unprotected. The fingerprint sensor stopped working, and later the camera fogged up.

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I have a Round the neck Roll bag that i got at Paris Brest Paris 2007 and it still is going strong , used in many audax. (2007 PBP rained for nearly 3 days … all things remained dry inside the bag that is). I have seen them on-line, it is up front and you have quick easy access to money, no chance of accidentally pulling out when accessing rear pockets getting food.

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iphone 8. it’s waterproof.

Silca also makes a phone wallet option.

I broke a phone that way. It becomes a mini climatic chamber and actually makes the problem worse, especially if you start out early in cool weather and then get back after midday when it in the mid - high 20s maybe even touching 30 degree.

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The later iPhone models are either IP68 or IP67 rated, which should make the sweat damage much less likely. I assume many Android phones are the same.

IP67 to 1 meter for 30 minutes - not quite waterproof, but not water soluble like older models either. Certainly enough to withstand humidity in a jersey pocket.

Sweat is salty. It’s not just a little bit of humidity.

Personally I protect my phone because I don’t want to spend $600 to replace it.


Just FYI: Waterproof is one thing. But sweat ≠ water. Sweat is way more corrosive and can damage the metal parts on the phone.


My $200 Motorola does fine getting completely soaked.

Are you not all worried about crashing and rolling on it? I just put mine in a plastic bag in a seat bag.

There was an article in CyclingTips about the options in this market. Enjoy:


I don’t understand why you would buy a case for a phone? That’s the same as using a ziplock. I just keep a box of sandwich bags in my car and use them. It’s like 50 of them for $2