Rapha Rainproof Essential Case


I’m interested in RAPHA Rainproof Essential Case but i need to order via webshop and not sure to order regular or large…

I need to pack phone, money, cards and basic first aid kit. First thought was large but I’m afraid that is too big and is not easy to find some good pictures when case is in a jersey pocket.

Please share any thoughts and experience.

Hi mate,

I have the larger version, it came to me with a deal or something. i think it is not any better than a ziplock plastic refrigerator bag I was using before but fancier for sure. i use it also in my daily life in winter. i carry an iphone 8, some money, some cards and keys. I think i would struggle with the smaller one, since i am carrying this i want to pack all non-ride items in this bag.

I’ve got the large one, it fits great in a jersey pocket. I have a larger iphone and it fits that, some cards, cash, keys and a few other small things with room to spare. I love it

Here’s a “regular” size. As you can see, my new iPhone with Apple case fits, but it’s tight. There’s enough room for a $20, my ID and a few cards, and a house key, but no more. As you can see, it JUST fits into a jersey pocket. The larger one would stick out just a bit. It’s a classy piece of kit, and i would buy it again, but a ziplock bag does do the same thing.

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I have a large one as well. The problem with filling it up is not the fault of the bag, but it gets heavy with that much stuff in it. So I never use it and prefer a saddlebag instead.

I forget what size mine is now but I think I had the same dilemma as @blind76 but a rarity for me saw me in London and I bought it from the shop after testing my phone in it. Mine is wider than my phone (an unflashy Samsung J6) but isnt significantly longer than my phone. But without knowing the size that knowledge is useless, I guess its the medium though :joy:

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I have the regular with an iPhone 8. I also keep a credit card, some cash and a house key in the inside zippered pocket. It will get too heavy if you try to fit too much inside of it.

Consider the Silca version as well! Love mine after having my first gen rapha case slowly fall apart

Small/regular one for me. For about 20yrs, I was a ziplock guy :smile: I carry an iPhone, ID, cash, house key, and some little squares of tyvek (best tire boot material ever). Tube and co2 are in a diff pocket. As mentioned above, you don’t want to put too much in the case, otherwise, it’ll get really heavy.

I have had 2 of the large ones for a few years now and they work well. I don’t usually put my phone in it anymore due to it being waterproof but do things like license, etc. yes you can use a zip lock but this makes it more organized personally.