Swapping power meter pedals around

Any downside to this? I keep doing it from summer to winter bike as the Uk weather hasn’t yet become reliably dry.

Is there any downside to swapping them over? Garmin rally FWIW.

My next step would be to buy some XC versions of the pedals to put on my MTB and winter bike so as to basically half the amount of interactions I have with swapping them round. It’s a small inconvenience but it is a bit annoying.

Shouldn’t be any issue, just be sure to calibrate. I think a lot of people buy pedals because it’s easier to move between bikes.


Sweet thanks. Did think as much but wanted to double check.

I thought that was one of the selling points for Garmin. I can’t imagine it’s a problem so long as you’re careful taking them off and putting them on, don’t thread them, etc. Most likely issue is skinning your knuckles, which I seem to do every time I remove pedals.


Tell me about it :expressionless:

I also still have a set of scars on the heel of my right hand that correspond with the teeth of my chainring from when I was taking the pedals off pre-Etape last year.