Suspension seat post for gravel bike

I have a new gravel bike, which overall I’m quite happy with. BUT My last bike was a checkpoint and I am missing the compliance I used to have in the seat post. I did some research and was all set to get the Ergon CF all road , it seemed like a great combination of compliance, light weight and no maintenance.
I then found out it’s not compatible with DI2 , So now I’m back to the drawing board. , I’m wondering if anyone has found something similar that they recommend.
My saddle is pushed all the way forward at the moment, so I can’t handle a lot of set back .

I don’t think any suspension post will be technically compatible as it pertains to housing a Di2 battery. Most have a pre-load bolt at the bottom (or something similar);

That said, you can probably find waits to secure the battery within the seat tube vs. the seatpost. The rubber o-rings from the old Buzzkill HB counterweights from Trek worked great to help secure the battery / stop vibrations.

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I’ve tried the PWN coast and the Ergon/canyon post. Ergon/Canyon all the way. I’d move the di2 battery if you can.
The PWN does what to says it does, but the suspension works in the wrong direction. Instead of flexing down/backwards, it gives down/forward, so it’s not going to save your back in many cases - it’ll actually hurt more because the dropper post is stiffer than a regular post in the down-back direction. It will save your muscles when you get in the power because it can shorten a bit when you’re really fighting the pedals.

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is it possible to put the battery somewhere else on the bike?

Redshift Sports Shockstop seatpost offers and adapter for D12 battery.
Cane Creek’s eeSilk can fit one too from my reading.


No idea if this would work for you battery, but might be worth more research,

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thats super intersting…but looks like then i’d lose a bottle cage, which would also be an issue

I don’t think so. It sets on the side and should allow regular bottle cage use.


I have an Ergon post with Di2. No issues at all. The only issue is that you can’t pull the Di2 battery with the seatpost, but you can just attach a zip tie to it and pull up when necessary.


So the battery sits in the frame?

Yes, with a di2 battery holder (something like this:


Cane Creek do a parallelogram suspension post but it’s not exactly the best looking one.

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Just to follow-up on this and the various post options (leaving the battery mounting issue aside as solutions seem to have been identified), I have to say the Ergon post is simply fantstic.

I have been on various suspension posts since the mid-90’s. Since then, I have not ridden a rigid bike on dirt without a “bouncy post”. From hardtails to CX to now gravel…all have had one. Most of my time was on a USE post from the mid-90’s, but I also used the old Rock Shox post, a Cane Creek and others.

After the bushings finally gave up the ghost on the USE post last summer, I was using a rigid post and the difference was stark. A few weeks ago, I finally got the Ergon post and I love it.

Nowhere near as “bouncy” as the other posts I have used, but buttery smooth. Kinda feels like you have a soft rear tire and by far the lightest suspension post I have used (althought he USE was pretty damn light, too).

I continue to be amazed that more riders don’t use one…especially for ultra-long events like Unbound.


I have that Ergon post on my short list for my pending gravel build. I figure that motion plus a decent Ti frame will be on par with (maybe better?) than what I love about my Trek Boone & Isospeed.


What frame/size? Saddle height - measure saddle rail to BB center?
I think the Di2 battery is 150mm long.

It says it’s for Deda seat posts. Do you think it would work with the Ergon post??

The one I actually have is:
Ritchey Di2 Battery Holder >27.2 mm

I have a 31.6 titanium seatpost (and use a shim for the ergon)

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Unfortunately, it only looks like that would work with the older generation DI2 battery

I have the newest ultegra.