Gravel upgrades: Suspension stem vs seatpost

Eventually will likely grab a chinese carbon frame (that will accommodate Thundero 48s) and do a full build but for now have been picking away at my alloy Norco Search. It can’t handle bigger than 42c tires so run 40s on it, have carbon bars, carbon wheels and will get the Favero pedals for it once available. Thinking next will go either Ergon Allroad suspension seat post or Redshift stem. Has anyone done both of these upgrades and can comment on whether one was more impactful than the other in increasing comfort and reducing fatigue for long gravel races?
Currently have stock alloy stem and seatpost, so the seatpost would actually probably also save some weight although thinking increased comfort and reduced fatigue will do more to help my speed over distance than a 100g weight savings.

I have posted for years about the benefits of a suspension seatpost….i have not ridden an off-road bike without one for literally decades. Hardtail, CX, gravel….all have had a suspension post.

Ridden a number of different models, but currently using the Ergon post. BIG fan….not as bouncy as a telescoping of parallelogram design but still takes the edge off everything. Very little weight penalty, as well. Highly recommended.

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Both is my simple answer. I won’t ride a gravel bike without them together.


The Ergon post is a 5-star item. I should say the 27.2 one is great, the 30.9 one is meh. It even makes my full suspension mtb better.

Seat post or stem? I say both!


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