Surviving 3x15 min at threshold - survival tips welcome

I’m starting Sustained Power Build LV tomorrow after a ramp test that gave me some 7% increase in FTP.

I’m dreading what’s coming my way just by looking at the next workout (Mount Goode).

Any tips to survive this? I’m thinking of the back pedaling thing, but haven’t really used it during this kind of interval. I’m not selling myself short nor lacking in motivation, just being a realist.




Rest, good fuelling prior to clipping in, hydration and a fan. Other than that, you should do just fine.

  1. Only focus on one interval at a time (dont be stressing about 3rd 15min qhen you’re doing the 1st 15min).
  2. Break each interval in to smaller segments (make it to 5min then 10min then 15min).
  3. Just do it you’re more than capable.

Learn to negotiate with yourself. “Just one more minute…”


I always tell myself that theoretically that i should be able to hold that power for and hour so I should be able to make it through 45 min with two rest intervals in between. Just need to toughen up the mental side with these.


Music helps. And subdividing goals in a glass-half-full kind of way (e. g. 25 % done, …). You get used to the effort and the discomfort over time, and then it bothers you less.


Add an extra 5 min warm-up.

You know you can manage the first set. The last you will be able to crush knowing the end is near, so just be mentally strong for the middle…


Oh, and don’t go too hard on the first one and empty your tank in the very beginning. You really want to pace yourself correctly.


Negotiation is key for me. “Just get through this interval and the next one you can back pedal for 10 seconds.” That one has helped me get through many O/U workouts. Where I ended up not even needing the back pedal.

Also, telling myself I can always have more recovery interval if needed. I haven’t needed it yet, but just giving myself that option helps so much. Leniency is appreciated in your own subconscious.


3x15 just below FTP should be very doable. Not fun but doable, especially with 8 minute rests.

  1. Recognize that you’ve EARNED that brand new FTP.

  2. Settle in and find your rythym.

  3. Remind yourself that with proper motivation and a day when you’re rested you can do your FTP for 60min straight, no breaks, so 45min with some breaks is totally doable any day of the week as long as you motivate yourself.


Rule 5, man!



Mount good is 97-99% of ftp with the middle block being at the highest power.

It’s going to be uncomfortable but perfectly achievable. If you are telling yourself already that it’s too tough then you’ve given yourself a ready excuse to quit. Don’t.

If your FTP is correct then you have the physical tools to complete it, just bring your mental ones :slight_smile:


It’s a tough one for sure. Tough but doable. I’ve done it 3 times successfully. Crank up the music and fan and go for it.

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Many , many people have followed that plan and succeeded - no reason why you should be different.
What is the worst that can happen - you might need to dial the last one down by a few watts - no big deal.

As several people have said break each one into 5 minute segments and listen to music or watch TV. Anything to take your mind off the time.
I count the number of bricks on my garage wall sometimes. That is pretty sad really.


Completely agree with what @Jonnyboy says above. Go into it with a positive attitude and before you know it you’ll have completed it and be feeling great that you can do 3x15 at just below FTP.


I did it last Sunday. Go in knowing that you can do it.
Break each 15 minute chunk into smaller pieces. Do 5 minutes - you can easily do that. Then do another 5 - the first one wasn’t too hard. Then all you’ve got to do is another 5 and you’ve done a full 15.
If you start struggling in the 2nd or 3rd interval, even with breaking them up, then work towards a goal (eg 10 minutes into the interval) and promise yourself a 10 second backpedal when you get there. You may find you don’t need it, in which case, don’t take it - if you do then that’s fine. I ended up taking 1 backpedal in the second one and another in the third.


Wow, thanks everyone! I wasn’t expecting so many word of encouragement.

I’ll do it later today and report back. Wish me luck and… shut up legs! Haha



Some of these longer intervals are without any in-workout comments. I have a suggestion for @chad.

Breaking them up into 5 minute segments is good, but perhaps he could throw in a bad joke or a lousy pun every five minutes? Just something to look forward to. Hunter is one I found a little tedious.

Something on the lines of Pettit, when encouraged to watch your knees a minute or two. After doing that the first time he comes in with something like “Ok. That’s it. Have a good day.”

He’s got it in him. Bring on the lousy puns and jokes.


Seems more like @Nate_Pearson territory…dad joke time

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