Surprise / unplanned outside rides

I’m currently following a Base Sweet Spot Mid training plan, which entails around 5 days a week.

If I decided on a Wednesday of either of these weeks to go for a 60-ish mile bike ride, how do I decide which indoor day to knock off? Initial thoughts would be either Petit or one of the Sunday 2-hour ones.
What are your thoughts??

It sort of depends.on the way you ride that 60 miles. You need to be conscious of being fresh and fueled for the hard workouts on Thursday.

Hi @cfellowes

Depends on the intensity/type of ride. Is it a 60 mile noodle? A hard group ride? Something else? If it’s an easy one and you handlt the volume I would just replace Pettit, as you suggested. If it’s hard I’d probably juggle this around a bit, perhaps replacing the Friday hard session. Or, perhaps move Friday -> Sunday, Wednesday -> Friday, and replace the Sunday workout.

Thanks, @brenph and @occasionalathlete,
It’ll probably be a moderate to high one. The aim would be a zones 2-3 but when other riders are involved, you know how pace creeps!
Personally, I find the 2 hour indoor ones uncomfortable in the saddle, so happy to effectively swap those out, but am never sure how closely they might equate to a couple of hours outdoors.