Sunglasses for corrective lens inserts?

What are the best name brand glasses that will take corrective lens inserts? Any recommendations?

An existing topic with some references:

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Years ago I started wearing sunglasses with prescription lenses, currently wearing Maui Jim Wassup. Next pair I’m thinking about Oakley and some others from this thread:

Most sunglasses will take lenses.


  1. if you buy from an authorized dealer, most require you to use their lenses ($$$)
  2. most sunglass frames with RX lenders kinda suck unless they are produced in volume. The molds needed for better frames are more expensive. Cheaper frames will make creaking noises.
  3. sportrx, ezcontacts, and glassesusa are the only sites online that will RX new sunglasses to non-oem lenses in one order
  4. you can buy the frames and then RX in a second order, but I haven’t found a good online order mechanism for this if you want to control lens darkness, color, and mirror. Most just let you tint to 80% or “mirror”
  5. frame base 8 or 9 are “sport”/ safety glasses curves (wrap) but I find base 6 curves better even with a light RX. 8/9 are probably best if you’re riding around high pressure road tires flinging rocks at your eyes, but base 6 frames offer plenty of protect and better vision and better non-biking use.
  6. so…………Oakley does most of this best. Their styling sucks most of the time, but you can find some more ‘bland’ frames here and there Sliver, mainlink, crosstown, mercenary, etc.
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I have really gotten alot of good use out of POC Do Flows - but looks like they don’t make them currently. Looking at their stock, the WILL, WANT, and DEFINE all have separate left/right lenses. I had gotten a deal from competitive cyclist and then had Sport RX put the prescription lenses in. 5 years later, the prescription is way outdated, but they are holding up well. And no issue with the Sport RX prescriptions (contrasting with my 2 terrible experiences with Warby Parker).

I have thought about trying ROKA - and their styles seem similar to POC, but haven’t pulled the trigger for one reason or another.

Warby Parkers are exceptional flat glasses - like a base 2 curve. They have no business being used… for anything.

I found the POC glasses I had to be very very creaky with RX lenses and the lens fell out often.

I just got Oakley Flak Jackets from Target Optical with script lenses. Stupid expensive but they’re amazing to wear. Comfortable, great clarity, no vision distortion from the curved lens.


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Rudy has always been big of perscription cycling glasses.

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Does anyone have experience with POC glasses (Aim or Aspire) and such insert lenses (Hydrotac)?