Summer training inside tougher because of FTP increase?

I was thinking about why training indoors has seemed a bit more uncomfortable, aside from getting used to the summer temp in my indoor training space.
Last summer I was training inside based on 275w ftp and this summer I’ve been at 310w. I was thinking that’s quite a bit more heat being generated that would be tough to cool off (still using one lasko pro and the cheaper less effective cyclone). Just wondering if I’m on to something here or if the theory is a bit overblown.

More power likely means more heat. Best way to know is to get a thermometer in the room and start tracking temp.

I feel the additional heat and power as issues, because I can’t get the super cool winter air from my window now. Inside is definitely more difficult even with my 2 Lasko blowers and one regular fan.

I have the same issue – but as much as any FTP increase, the temp increase in my basement cave definitely makes a difference.

When I train in the winter, I always crack open a window and the training space is somewhere around 55F with a steady stream of cool air coming in to compliment my two fans. But in the summer it is between 65F-70F in there – it makes a big difference. I sweat more, which means my HR is probably higher = feels tougher.

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Yeah, I may just be getting acclimated to the summer temp in my basement (can’t get my basement under 70 or so with my portable AC on), but felt like last year it felt a bit easier. I had read this article a while back by a local fit shop where they talked about heat generated, which is why I’m suddenly thinking about it.

This is a really good idea. I put a clock/temperature/humidity readout in my pain cave just to add more science to my RPT (Rated Perceived Temperature :smile:). But what I should be doing is recording the ride temp in the ride notes.

Workouts are harder when:

  1. FTP increases
  2. It’s hotter
  3. It’s more humid

So, if you have all of these … well good luck! Consider getting a second Lasko, really needed during the summer.

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65-70, pffft! I am happy if it is under 76 in my Florida garage.

If you ride outside when it’s hot, then consider riding inside/garage when it’s hot to acclimate.

p.s. I hate the heat but have trained and had good results in the heat

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Probably yes. My ftp is up a good bit this summer vs last, and now I’m desperately craving ice-water. In the winter the basement is plenty cold and I really didn’t need the ice until about a month ago – definitely warmer and more humid down there.