Suggestion - off season lower end account option

Once the outdoor weather arrives I suspend my account till the fall. I ride indoor rarely in the off season so what amounts to $25 a month Canadian is steep. That said, it has been a rainy week and I would gladly pay $10 a month or something like that to maintain the option.

Considering that the $25 CAD is the full TR package, what are you willing to do without on a discounted service for $10 CAD?

Asked another way, what features do you want for what amounts to a 40% payment when compared to the full service?

I have to search, but there were some discussions about ideas along these lines. Nate even mentioned the potential for “tiers” that would alter what people accessed at different prices.

Search results may be worth a look:

ETA for easy reference: Here is the great one that @enki42 found for us below:

I’d want normal function but perhaps only a limited number of rides tracked in a month. 1 or 2 an hoc rides a week. Would not be possible to structure training or adaptive etc…just filler rides controlled by TR.

And further, as it is now, TR won’t see any of my cash till Oct or Nov. If there was a lower option I would pay some between now and then…so its not like its leaving $ on the table by having that option.

I like this idea, but I’d prefer a ‘stripped down’ version where I have access to the calendar and the workout library and just make my own plan. So no plan builder, Adaptive training or train now. It would be nice to have the predictive FTP too.

I got a survey request back in February this year asking me what I thought of this:

Interesting to see what is being considered.

Yeah, that was mentioned and might be part of the discussion I linked above. Nate for sure was discussing it in one or more topics back then.

You missed the one Nate started (someone is slacking off their searching all the forum… :-p ):


Beauty! Thanks for finding that one. :+1: :100:

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Great discussion. I am Canadian but would not be willing to downgrade my plan or change it. If there were changes I might end up on another platform. But then i jumped on the set yearly price a few years back for TR that I only used for the winter.

Now that i think about it Tr has been doing some amazing work for riders to have a use for TR in their “summer” season.

Great job TR!!!