Suggestion for those who find progressions too intense

At some point, I’d love it if more people would simply recognize this as a legit problem (aka opportunity) for TR to address, rather than repeatedly insisting the outliers here are just “doing it wrong”. Like any aspect of the TR app, it may work well for many people but there are also people that struggle with it.

To paraphrase something that really stuck with me from the Lee McCormack episode,

  • If he gives the same instruction three times to someone but they still don’t get it, he reconsiders the messaging, and then uses a new/different approach in an effort reach this student in a way that works for them.

Main point being that the “keep it simple, it’s all about feel” is fine when it works for people, but there are clear examples where that path doesn’t get a person to the intended goal. Is it really so difficult to understand that a deliberately subjective “measurement” might be variable between people with different backgrounds and experiences?

I say all this as someone who adapted to the survey pretty well, almost from the start. It paralleled a scoring system I had already been using for my own notes. The time and effort I have put into this process was a result of the clear issues we saw right from the start and still see today. I did it and continue to work on behalf of the people that are still having trouble with it despite how “simple” it is supposed to be.

I don’t have more answers than the chart or other suggestions that I’ve already given at this time. But I still consider this an open and unsolved issue for a number of users. I fully expect we will continue to see reports of issues and confusion about it. The podcast yesterday covered a specific instance that is similar to others.

The one solution offered there was a restatement that Bailouts = All Out. Great, can we actually get that in writing this time in the official TR support article? If Jon thinks that is a clear and definitive example, it seems best to record that as such. Outside of that one issue, they offered nothing new and practically ridiculed people dealing with this. It’s dismissive, lacks empathy and is disappointing IMO.