Suggestion for cassette

Hi I have a question, I have 2 bikes and I want to use them both with my smart trainer wahoo.
One have a SRAM 12 sp. axs etap 48/35 the other one is Shimano 11 sp 50/34.
On the trainer now is installed SRAM 12 and with my Shimano bike a lot of pignons obviously doesn’t work.
So my question is, to have a compromise, and use both bike on trainer and using more pignons possible which cassette can i use? Shimano 11, SRAM 11 your suggestion please!

You are kind of mixing water and oil there. SRAM made their Flat Top chain along with the related cogs & chainrings unique. Apart from the width issue, they also use a larger diameter chain roller with matching pattern on the cog & chainring teeth.

It is a small difference, but a difference that is real. Some claim to mix the new SRAM with traditional gearing options, but it is not ideal. You will end up with a mismatch between them and personally, I’d never do it. I don’t like the risk of wear and damage to the parts that are not designed to work together.

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They just aren’t compatible. Pick one bike to be the only one for the trainer or swap cassettes when you swap bikes. Those are the only good options