Kick Snap ERG Mode responsiveness

Hi all!

This is my third year into TR training…was doing it with a direct drive but due to shortage of trainers everywhere (and my Direto giving up on me) I had to settle for a Kickr Snap.

I’ve been observing big wattage discrepancies in ERG mode, specially when changing cadence. It is rather slow to respond and accommodate (might take up to 20s)…plus on target wattage is really volatile. GP Lama and DC Rainmaker s reviews were not showing this.

Anybody had/ has the same issue? Is it “fixable”or it’s just the way it is?

BTW, I am using Power Match with my Assioma, Power Somoothing is ON and I’m using the small chainring.


I have had a snap for years and haven’t had that or seen it reported wide spread before. I have had better luck with wahoo’s power matching with my stages pm. Select control with ant+ in the wahoo app.

Also with a wheel on you will need to calibrate / spin down every so often.

Hey @llmonty, tks for the tip!
Haven’t thought of using ANT+. Was doing bluetooth via TR app on iPad. Will give it a try.

I have the same setup; Kickr snap with Assioma duo, power smoothing on, new powermatch sensitivity set at 0.4 as i use my Macbook for TR rides.

i do a spin down plus assioma powermeter calibration every time after spinning for around 10mins to make sure the snap is warmed up.

I do most of my TR rides in ERG mode and it do take a while for the power to match but not 20sec. i would say about 5sec typically for me. Alot depends on how steady i can maintain the cadence. My pedal strokes is still not smooth enough so sometimes it take longer especially when i try to chase to target wattage. The sensitivity settings on the powermatch also plays a part on how fast the power changes, you can experiment with it.

Cool. Didn’t know about sensitivity with powermatch…will definitely have a look at it.
Great to know it’s working well elsewhere with the same set up. I’m hopeful to fix this.

Tks a lot @Lgar76

I had the same issue with my Snap.

The first year I had my snap it worked like a dream but the following seasons it was an absolute nightmare. Even after all the updates and power matching with my power tap hub ERG was relentless. I had the same issues. taking 20+ seconds to adjust to power targets which it was always over shooting (i.e. if I was supposed to do 230 it would have me doing 260+) which was brutal or the resistance was too much to the point where I failed 100% of the workouts I attempted in ERG, aside from Pettit or Taku etc. This led me to just do all my workouts in standard mode.

I hope you solve the issue, I never got it sorted out. Now I have the kickr 2020 and I’m going to try and give ERG another go.

Yeah I feel your pain @kwilson . It’s really not performing very well here. Although in the wahoo app it seems like the wattage is spot on all the time when in ERG Mode.

Thanks for sharing!