AACC Episode 444 - Hannah and Ivy Discuss XCM racing

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Great Pod this week from Ivy and Hannah.

I found the discussion around racing, and starting hard, super interesting.

We often talk about getting the hole shot, and also about not cooking the goose early at a long race (like Leadville).

However, I found it refreshing having Ivy and Hannah discussing how sometimes you have to go all in on early positioning. There’s been lots of pacing XCM threads regards IF etc for duration. I often think though that I don’t go hard enough in racing. Watching the likes of Syd and Macky, they sound like they are absolutely redlining their XCM racing and I don’t ever go that hard it seems.

How hard do you attack your racing?

Also, congratulations to Hannah on some epic results.


Looking forward to giving this one a listen.

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