Successful Athletes Podcast, Suggested Guests

Make your suggestions for guest athletes you’d like to have interviewed on this podcast series.

Edit to add a link to the prior thread that was made well before the new cast, but the list contains plenty of good ideas that would fall properly into this cast.

  • Ayesha McGowan
  • Amanda Coker
  • Gwen Jorgensen (and it’d be neat to hear from her husband, ex-pro Patrick Lemieux)
  • TR Staff

Kate Courtney
Lucy Charles-Barkley
Alex Dowsett
Elinor Barker
Sir Chris Hoy


Lachlan Morton.

He may or may not be a TR user but his passion for cycling and exploits into all sorts of weird and wonderful events (plus his road resume) and personality would be incredibly entertaining (not to mention informative) for a wide audience.

  • Tyler Pearce (aka Vegan Cyclist - interesting training journey and now runs own race team)
  • Lionel Sanders (Triathlete but successful at being a ‘faster’ cyclist and recently topical)
  • Laura Kenny & Jason Kenny (Olympian couple and both successful in own right)
  • Emma Pooley (able to switch from pure cycling to running and be successful in both)

Kate Courtney
Nino schurter
Jenny risveds
Emily batty
Anton Cooper


+1 to this


Larry Warbasse
Alexey Vermullen
Cory Lockwood

Also - some athlete who came to cycling later in life (35+) and has had some serious regional success while also balancing a successful career, family, etc. (basically, the rider I aspire to be…)


I’d actually like to hear from fewer professionals. I don’t relate to the classic story of “well I raced crits since I was 5, got sponsored by a team and now I’m a full-time athlete.” I want to hear from people who juggle jobs, families, life etc. among their training and racing.

I know these stories are hard to find and maybe TR’s core audience won’t relate to them too but I think they’re important to tell.

Also more women, POC, LGBTQ+ obviously.


I think I would like to hear from more non-pros too. Although it’s great to hear about what they do to optimise their training etc I find it hard to relate to.

Success is defined by the rider. Looking back on some of the EF alternative season videos Alex Howse & Lachlan Morton talk quite well about the people who are there just to finish

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What about TR’s own 5+ w/kg Brandon you guys always mention on the podcast? You know… the one that eats donuts on his easy days


This might be a bit invasive, but I think TR could look back through their data for users that have been super consistent through the years or have big improvements. Maybe there’s some pattern to their workout times too (always super early/ late or maybe even all over the place to squeeze into a busy schedule) which they can use to identify folks who are juggling lots of other commitments. I don’t think there’s some magic bullet you would hear from them, but I always like to hear the little ways they manage to make it work between work and family.


TR could troll through the National/World Seniors Games/Olympics data to see if there are any applicable or relevant possible guests.

That’s a serious suggestion, btw. Assuming you don’t get to be a world class senior athlete overnight, but taking years of training & competing while doing all the other “regular” life stuff.


There were 4 men in the 85+ start list for last year’s USAC Masters Road Championship. It would be neat to hear from any of them. Or from any of the whippersnappers down to the 70+ age groups, either gender.

Maybe it’s a little too much of a niche market, but I think it would be nice to hear from a woman who had a successful return to cycling after giving birth.

I would like to hear from @Nate_Pearson’s wife, if she were interested. He has repeatedly cited her consistency and her strong W/kg, and she’s a stroke survivor!


Can I suggest myself as an utterly average athlete? Some days just getting on the bike is a success. Would make good press for WWDD…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes to all of this.

The successful athlete that has like a typical full time job and family. So less of the “pro” category for me!

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For me at least, the TR Kona podcasts were the model that “Successful Athlete” Podcast should follow. As an average person with a full-time job, the athlete’s stories of training, juggling family, which plan they used, their nutrition, etc. were a lot more engaging and useful.

For me, the latest “Successful Athlete” podcast with Meaghan Hackinen was really uninteresting / not very useful, because it came across as:

  • I got into ultra endurance stuff
  • I was good at it without really trying
  • Therefore I don’t really have any tips that the average TR user could leverage

Edited: “useful” to be “not very useful”, which is what I meant :smiley:


This is exactly what I was thinking. For me more specifically this person who is over 50.

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I think perhaps it was more the line of questioning that lead to no useful tips. Jonathan had list of questions to ask and just moved through them without digging into her answers. There was a lot of information there but they just kept grazing the surface and then moving on. Maybe if Jonathan had more of a conversation format like the regular podcast instead of a list of questions that just get asked one after the other.

A lot of users are giving their feedback on how this (and the main) podcast should be conducted. This is actually a sign that the podcast is growing and TR is doing a really good job attracting more and more listeners. Kudos to the TR team! Keep doing what you guys are doing, it’s working and I really enjoy every bit of it.

Seems like he’d be a good chat too if he were up for it.