Substitute for Hesperus?

I’ll be starting Trad Base III (low volume) in a couple of weeks and looking ahead I know I’m going to struggle to fit in Hesperus each week - what would be a good alternative that’s max 90 minutes long?

I’d think something like Echo and Phoenix -2 are ‘similar’ 90 min workouts. But you can’t reasonably expect to get the same training benefit from a 2:30 tempo ride when you lop off 1 hour of it.

Your questions prompts me to ask, why are you doing Traditional Base Low Volume? It’s been stated several times on the Ask A Cycling Podcast that the Traditional Base is not well suited to low volume, as it’s unlikely to yield much benefit.

From the TR Blog:

If you only have time for low volume but don’t have time for the longer workouts, why not consider a Sweet Spot plan instead?

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Thanks for the suggestions for Echo and Phoenix -2. I found Passadumkeag but that looks like it’s more sweet spot than tempo.

I’m doing trad base because I have lots of extra time until I need to start my triathlon b/b/s for next season and Bryce suggested that it would be a good way to fill in the gap. It’s also a nice low intensity way of keeping the bike training consistent while I work on my swim and run (relatively weaker in those).

I’ve generally got time for the long rides but these ones just clash with family visiting and a course I’m doing for work.