Sub 3hr Marathon Training with TrainerRoad

  • With your training background, I’d probably cut the (Daniels defnition) interval work of those four.
  • The answer is “both”, but if you have to pick one, I’d err on the side of cutting mileage (as little as possible). With a specific goal in mind, you need to be able to hit goal paces for prescribed lengths.
  • By a few weeks prior to race day, you should be able to run a 12-13mi M-pace run fairly comfortably, at least not to the point you’re really struggling at the end. Aiming for sub-3:00, you need to be several minutes below that overall since course lengths vary, etc. I’d aim for 2:56 or 2:57 and set your pace accordingly. If you find that 4 weeks prior to your event, you’re still struggling to maintain that pace for 12-13 miles, odds are you need to adjust expectations. Like with any endurance sport, you shouldn’t be aiming to build fitness in the couple of weeks prior to your event; you’re aiming to maintain fitness and gain freshness for race day.
  • You should be fine with a 12-miler at M-pace. No need to do more than that, particularly as you approach race day.

Thanks for the advice nash. Very helpful :+1:

Agreed - even more so considering many of the T sessions later in programs have interval-pace work added in (as in 2x10min T plus 3x200m I). I-sessions are mostly present in the early phases of Daniels program, there’s a lot less of them later on if I recall correctly.

I’ve done a number of 10k and half programs, and Daniels is what worked best for me - I find the marathon-pace sessions give you loads of exposure to what you will face in racing, and that aspects is missing in some other plans. It’s a bit of work to build your own from the data he provides, but it’s well worth the effort.