Struggling with workouts

I’m 61 and struggling with the SSBMVII plan. The TSS volume seemed to match my current level when I started. What am I missing? Should I rest a couple days and retest FTP?

It’s possible that this much training load isn’t working for you and you’re getting fatigued. You may want to look into adjusting your training plan to allow for more recovery. Take a look at these existing discussions:


I’m definitely not the guy to answer your question, but if you could provide more detail of exactly how you’re struggling you’ll likely generate better suggestions.

Which workouts are you struggling with? Which intensity levels are you having the most problems with? Are you able to complete the workouts at all or do you find yourself reducing the intensity?

Also, it often helps people make better recommendations if you can provide some information about your current overall fitness and athletic background and previous training experiences.

Good luck, keep at it, good on you for reaching out for advice.

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