Strong heart beat

Is anyone else often consciously aware of their own heart beat? My RHR varies between 52 and low 60s (I’m 53 years old) depending on time of day etc but I’m often very aware of how strong the thump is. If I’m sitting with my left arm up against my side it’s very pronounced.
I’ve had odd bouts of ‘extra beat’ syndrome but not recently. Is this just a side effect of a strong left ventricle?

I’ve always been able to hear mine, or maybe not hear it, but feel it in one of my ears. You can also see it in my stomach if I’m laid down on my back. Can also definitely feel it with my left arm against my side. I always just assumed it was normal?

Palpitations are often an electrolyte or hydration issue (more potassium probably), and are totally normal to experience sometimes. With the covid lockdowns a lot of daily food habits and behaviors have been tossed and you may not be getting what you normally do. However it sounds like you have a history of arrhythmia and it may be worth getting that checked out if it persists.

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It’s not a palpitation I’m feeling, I know what ectopic beats feel like. This is just regular ordinary rhythm but it feels so strong.

per webmd:

Palpitations make you feel like your heart is beating too hard or too fast, skipping a beat, or fluttering. You may notice heart palpitations in your chest, throat, or neck.

That’s what you’re describing :man_shrugging: Palpitation != ectopic heart beat.

OK I have never really looked into the true medical definition of palpitation but what I’m experiencing is definitely not an e topic beat. As I’ve said, when I’ve been stressed or anxious I’ve had that and know what it feels like. My BP is always normal or low normal so that’s not a concern. Maybe I’m just imagining it :grinning:.

At times my resting heart rate gets quite low, and then I can really feel each beat. When it started happening I got a bit worried and went to get it checked, was sent to the hospital for some ECG checkups but they didn’t find any anomalies and said it was fine and that my RHR was probably low due to training.

I still think it gets a bit too low, given that I’m not that serious with cycling and running, but try to not worry too much.

My average resting heart rate according to Garmin watch is 46 bpm as low as 38 at night. Which I get when I take it manually. I know optical wrist monitors get a lot of slack for their accuracy but it Matches my Tickr near perfect. I don’t feel my heart beat though.

I am slightly over weight and only work out 6 hours a week mix of cycling and running but I am far from athlete level.