Stress score doesn't seem appropriate

I done Wright Peak yesterday with a stress score if 146 and it felt uncomfortable at times but all in all it was ok…but today I done Mcadie+1 with a score of 116 and just about finished it. Just curious to why I found the lesser stress score easier. Thinking it might be a sign of a weakness on my part. I’m on my 5th week of SSB1 MV and was thinking that was why I found Wright Peak a little easy as my FTP has probably gone up but there was nothing easy about today.

These are different workouts. It’s normal that one was easier than the other. Stress score is a pretty blunt measure of how difficult something is. It’s most useful when comparing two workouts with similar power profiles.

Over-unders are hard for just about everyone. Long sweet spot efforts are hard too, but it’s a much less intense type of difficult.


As above, TSS is not all inclusive. You should consider the IF (Intensity Factor) and duration of any workout to see it in a more complete context.

Looking at those metrics together will give you a more accurate idea of difficulty, especially when comparing to other workouts.


Note the higher IF for McAdie +1, even though it’s shorter by a full 30 minutes. It also has longer recovery valleys.

Also note the relative time spent around/above/below the FTP line. That is another clue to intensity & difficulty


In my experience McAdie is harder to execute the big blobs of sweet spot take longer to recover from.