Strength Training Calculator Weights

Hello team,

Does anyone know if the TR strength training calculator includes the bar weight?

For example, the target for my body weight is to do 5 reps of deadlifts at 126lbs.

Is that 126lbs + the bar (which weights an additional 45lbs) or 126lbs total (the bar + 1 plate of 40lbs on each side of the bar)?

These guidelines are typically given as total load. So for 125 lbs, you would have 80lbs worth of plates and the 45lb bar.


Yeah, I gotta imagine it’s full load (including bar).

Stating that, I think you should contact for official confirmation, and as a reminder to them that they should state it clearly in the site, so this question is answered directly in their related text.

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Sorry for the confusion, all. Just requested to the team that we update the Strength Training Calculator page to clarify that benchmark lifting weight should be calculated using the comprehensive weight of both the bar and plates together.


In lifting you always include the bar. So a typical barbell weighs 45 lbs. Then to get to 125 you’d have a 25, 10, and a 5 on each side.


If anyone is interested in comparative strengths stats on various exercises, this is a good website to look at: Weightlifting Strength Standards - Strength Level