Strength Targets

I was listening to a recent podcast and Chad mentioned TR have been developing strength targets for cyclists split into 3 levels, is this now available, if so where can i get it from?



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No, there has been no release at this time. They didn’t give any specific date for release.

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Cheers “other Chad” hopefully they will release this shortly


Ditto, I am excited to see the plans too. :smiley:

I suspect there will be an official TR thread for it upon release. Otherwise, I will start one and we will discuss all the good stuff in there.


Generally, the little guys always dominate wilks competitions. Anyhow, there’s one way to compare your lifts with other people’s lifts regardless of weight class.

So I clicked on the link. It’s not clear whether this is a 1 rep maximum, total weight lifted in a session, Total weight lifted for a specific lift.

Wilks is used in powerlifting so the weight used for that calculator would be the sum of your 1-rep maxes for squat, bench, and deadlift

No news on this still I presume??

Nothing official. Last weeks podcast had a hidden teaser with Pete asking Chad about “Easter Eggs”, but Chad didn’t want to say anything.

I though it was funny since they let the cat out of the bag weeks earlier with some details already. Maybe keeping hush for now until final release?

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Fair enough! Looking forward to seeing what is put out.

Thanks for the response.


(Typed while warming up for Basin-5!)

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