Strength and flexibility with TR

Hi TRenics,

As I spend more time on the bike and doing more intervals (~10h+/week of quality), I feel that I need to spend more time doing strength and flexibility exercises to compensate (IMHO) somewhat limited and unnatural movement that one has does on a bike (I used to do ironmans and I had a compensation in running and swimming)

My thoughts on this:

  • I would expect that TR as a platform offers something like this. If I am a coach and provide someone with 10+h of intervals, I would consider providing some sort of exercises that compensate such activity that leads to imbalances and injury. Actually, most of triathlon training plans that one can buy of eg training peaks offer this. How do you cope with muscle imbalances and injuries from the bike training?

  • I followed few youtube tutorials on strength, then I tried dynamic cyclist for a while but was not practical for me (15min of almost time waste). At the end, I found a online physio explained my issues and he gave me some program that I follow for strength (not flexibility) overall that is even not bike specific. Still it’s bit costly doing it in this way. Ideally, I would like just to buy a program and follow. Any recommendations of some other platforms/books? In the worst case, I will have to compile some program myself, but this would require considerable motivation and time :slight_smile:


Here are some discussions with some worthwhile info.