Strava Rant - Gravel added as a Sport (Mobile) but not the Web?

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Why is Strava so inept as a software company? They add Gravel Ride as a sport type in the mobile app, but not in the web interface? This just shows horrible design practices, as the Sport list isn’t just a field that is looked up across the different interfaces that need access to this :skull:

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Does seem a bit odd. I just checked and I don’t see it on the web site.

Not the first time they’ve done something like this. If someone does a ride on their e-bike then even if they select that model (which is marked on the system as an e-bike) the ride isn’t automatically logged as such.

It’s just poor system design. Settings like this should be in a table, so you update the table once, and the change is available everywhere. Plus that stops weird bugs from cropping up because you slightly mis-type a word in one place.

I use Strava less and less these days. I don’t bother syncing TR workouts anymore.
I think they are struggling to stay relevant.

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They didn’t add desktop photo uploads until 2019 or something ridiculous like that. I gave the strava premium a good shake for a year but other sites do almost everything it offers much better, except for little stuff like the power-map or heartrate-map options. The ipad version is kinda janky too.

Tell that to the gazillion kom and qom hunters

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I still cannot get my head around that they haven’t added mountain biking yet

Edit; i do not see gravel as a sport either although I am a beta tester of the android app

It’s there. I updated the app a couple of days ago. Yesterday I recorded a ride on my Garmin using the MOUNTAIN profile and it showed on Strava as a Mountain Bike Ride.

This is what I see

I get this but have updated Strava a couple of days ago

I just got the update, they must do a staggered release or something

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