Is Strava broken for others, or just me?

The “Analysis” tab doesn’t seem to work on any of my rides in Chrome any more. I’ve tried a different browser that I never use (Edge) and got the same result.

At the same time, while Elevate managed to pull my ride in, it’s given it a TSS of 0 - I assume the two problems are linked?

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

It looks like Strava is having issues at the moment, hopefully they get a fix going soon.
Their API broke for us (and Elevate, it sounds like) so we’re just hanging tight and waiting until everything is back to normal. In the meantime, we’ve stopped back-filling Strava rides into TR.


Here’s an update from our web team:

The situation has not been resolved, and in fact it’s gotten worse. Most rides that are being uploaded to Strava and then sent to us have an invalid activity ID. Due to the invalid ID we can not fetch ANY data at all, which means the rides will not show up on our website. This started around 5:10 Central Time.

We are still sending TR rides to Strava. While these may look like they are missing data when viewed on the Strava website, it’s not a problem on our side. It’s all on Strava’s side at this point.

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We heard back from Strava and they have a fix in the works. They expect the fix to be released very soon!


One last update!

Strava activities IDs rolled passed the 32 bit integer max value yesterday, and it looks like they missed a spot to update to a 64 bit value. The invalid ID issue was resolved around 11:30pm CST last night. Our TR/Strava backfill caught up sometime in the early morning. Things should be back to normal now. :smile:


Does that mean we’ve all recorded >4 billion rides?

Haha, brilliant, that feels like the sort of fuckup I’d make, you’d think a company with teams of developers would keep on top of this sort of thing :smiley:

I think it means there’s more than 2,147,483,647 activities, including runs, hikes, etc. But that number is really impressive!

To put it in perspective, (from Wikipedia) “In December 2014, Google said that PSY’s music video “Gangnam Style” had exceeded the 32-bit integer limit for YouTube view count, necessitating YouTube to upgrade the counter to a 64-bit integer.” I just checked, and that number is up to 3.3 billion.

Haha, I bet there’s a well documented list of these mistakes occurring.

Again, citing Wikipedia:

“The number 2,147,483,647 (or hexadecimal 7FFF,FFFF16) is the maximum positive value for a 32-bit signed binary integer in computing. It is therefore the maximum value for variables declared as integers (e.g., as int ) in many programming languages, and the maximum possible score, money, etc. for many video games.”

So to further answer your question, @Hewie, I don’t think it’s 4 billion because Strava is probably only using positive numbers for their activity IDs. :smile:

What an oversight for Strava - kudos that they managed to fix that so quickly.

I feel bad for humanity

Ha! You’re right, forgot about the sign!

Although they could have elected to use an unsigned integer so that they got the 4 billion range instead of the 2 billion range, but the problem would still have occurred at some point. 64bit ftw.