Strava Raises Prices But Can’t Tell You How Much It Costs Anymore


Money money money

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I consider clubs and challenges ads


I’m sure it’s been said 50 times in here already but for many people it’s not about the money, it’s about how deceptively they handled this.

I’ve been a strava subscriber for years and would have been fine to continue to support them had they approached this by expressing any form of gratitude for long time supporters and explained their rationale.

The contrast to how TR handled their legacy pricing is stark to say the least.


That would be the case for me.

Ignoring their poor customer service for the moment, if someone uses all or most of the features on Strava then I can understand someone paying for the service. That it is a significantly different cost to use those features depending on where you signed up for the service is a different can of worms.

But I don’t, and won’t use all of the features that a subscription provides. The price keeps going up but the features that I use really haven’t changed in a long time. And I think that is a problem for Strava overall, the use case varies on an individual basis but I suspect most of their paying customer base does not regularly use most of the features on Strava, nor will they in the future.

They tried going to a tiered or somewhat a la carte billing scheme once before and also bungled that greatly, imho.

If they were to offer a true a la carte method of selecting what we want out of their platform and thus only paying for what we want and use I think they’d be better off than where they’re at currently which is kind of all or nothing, free or whatever the thing cost where you signed up.

When new features are added they could let subscribers and free users trial the addition, and trial the other components of the service to see if they have added value. Some things might only have value once in awhile as well and we wouldn’t want them permanently.

Relive was an example of something that I liked but only had value to me once in awhile when I did something that I thought would look neat on there. I definitely couldn’t use it on even a monthly basis. I think a lot of what Strava offers is also like this, it’d be nice to access sometimes but I don’t need it day to day or even week to week.


You nailed it. I’d gladly pay $20 a year for leaderboards and nothing else. I wonder if they’d get more revenue in total with more members paying less instead of fewer paying more as the current strategy seems to be heading.


Generally no. There is a transition point but too low doesn’t get enough

Yes, TR sent an email and was extremely upfront about the pricing changes. Not sure how you could have missed it. @Nate_Pearson has been a model of how to do it


Not currently subscribed, mentioned it because I had seen this:

This is simply in reference to the area tax increases and NOT TR.


Not hard to do in the SF Bay Area. A sandwich, a side and a drink does it pretty easy these days. Eating out is on the entertainment list for the budget now lol

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good thing I have a Japanese account…

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Just cancelled my subscription, so the annual billing doesn’t auto renew in 6 months.

For me, the route planning is now not as good as Garmin. I recently took contract work in a new town, and my first port of call was actually Garmin, to find some routes. I’d rather save the annual fee and then every few years buy a new Garmin.


I almost always make my own food, but if I went in a shop and they wanted $25 for a sandwich and some chips, I’d walk out.


So whats the plan, everyone now cancel strava and make the shut down? Then well all be, remember strava, that was kinda cool, wish we didnt run them out of town.

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So we should keep rewarding bad behavior with our $ then?

I get your point but I will make do with other options if they ultimately fail. And if this is the straw that breaks the camel back, that’s on Strava, not us.


Agreed. It would be unfortunate if they failed, but that’s not on us. Strava chooses how to run their business, how they want to make money, the features, the direction of the platform, communication. We choose where to spend our money, be it because we want to just support the platform or because we see value in what paying gives us. If we don’t see value then it’s up to Strava to either show us the value, or to actually provide it. If they can’t do that - it’s not our fault.


I really dont know what the best plan would be, although it does appear that they realized they screwed up. I agree secret price increases should not be rewarded, but also it sure would suck if they died due to this.

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I read somewhere that Brazil subsidises Strava premium memberships for its citizens which is why they are cheaper. I think you have to have a Brazilian bank card to get that rate.

I think you meant being called out publicly for being deceptive and are now trying to save face to avoid mass exodus.


It would be interesting to me to know how much they would have to charge each user per year to be successful and happily profitable.


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