Garmin Edge Glitch?

I have to manually stop active Strava segment on my garmin edge 530. Otherwise it’ll continue to be displayed and subsequent segments wouldn’t be triggered. Anyone else had this problem?

That’s the expected behavior - it can only cope with one segment at a time… or do you mean that it doesn’t stop even after the segment has been completed?

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The problem is that, with the segment still active, when I reach another one of my live segments (which are loaded on the device), it doesn’t pop up anymore, so I cannot race it. So at the moment I’ve to stop every segment myself by pressing “stop segment” button after I get the finishing notification to make sure that the next segment is working.

Yeah that’s normal unfortunately, your only options are either to carry on as you are or “un-star” the first segment on strava so it doesn’t pop up at all.

Like I said, the garmin can only have one active segment at a time.

But you should be able to have multiple segments in a ride as long as they dont overlap.