Strava KOM’s - Etiquette of flagging rides

Its very rare to find a KOM these days that wasn’t set by a pro or led out, in draft or crazy tailwind except lol, those that involve getting up at 3am when theres no pedestrian or vehicle traffic and take a spurious routes :joy:


There’s a group around me that intentionally goes out to snag KOMs. Just another way to maintain speed easier than doing a solo effort for 5-10 miles, IMO. The end of the day it’s Strava and not an actual race, to me it’s more for egos and kudos.

It’s really what you want to make of it. I use wind to my advantage like everyone else so if it’s moving east, I won’t be trying for any westward facing KOMs, but some guys purposely plan around strong winds and wait for a 15mph+ tailwind to go for something. Or they drive to a spot to session a road segment instead of riding there from home, or a combo of the above. The hunts I’ve done this year tend to be around 5mph wind, one day was 9. Some guys hide their weather data but I can see which way the wind is blowing based on which direction their efforts were lol

I’m currently 1 second off a flat KOM which has a 4 way first place tie and the entire top 10 was set on a group ride back in 2015. I think it’s pretty awesome that I got within 1 second of a group effort on my own, and for me that’s something to be happy about, and a carrot to reach for.

I also think some KOMs are unattainable, there’s some really fast times especially up climbs from before 2015 when recording was mostly done on phones and GPS errors were the norm. I regularly see times that are far ahead of the competition and they all share the same GPS speed spikes

Compared to using sensors and a wahoo etc

This is just a fact of life and not flag worthy, IMO

If I see weird GPS speed spikes or tracking errors, I flag it.

just appeared on one of my clubs:



The thing is these guys are (or in some cases back when they used to ride, were) faster than me, I know that. I don’t really want to be “that guy” who has the reputation of flagging everything to push myself to the top. It’s different now, but back then tech was just different. It’s not THAT serious at the end of the day

I just wish strava would indicate who flagged the ride when being flagged.

I feel the lack of transparency or accountability makes some people feel more willing to flag a ride. We have some locals that flag legitimate segments just because they are jealous or they are just trying to cause issues.


I agree that it’s not that big of a deal. But, flagging is anonymous and if I see irregularities I have no problem flagging. I figure that if I flag bad GPS data it’s then up to Strava to confirm it or reject it.


I also wish strava would allow the segment creator to be known. I see so many ridiculous segments, it could be comical to see who created the segments.



AFAIK Strava doesn’t review flags unless maybe you submit a copious amount of them. It’s just up to that athlete to contest/reject it if anything. Not a great system since if someone was an absolute animal and then stopped riding/using strava, all their legit efforts could be flagged and removed.

I’ve joked with my buddy who’s one of those local animals that he’s only allowed to retire from cycling if he deletes his strava in the process

I cant remember if I posted this before but back in unlucky 2013, I got an ‘Uh Oh’, looked and saw that the poor guy had been in an RTC. My first instinct was to ask if he was OK!

A few weeks later I was cycling from Peterborough to London for a party. I arrived a tad too early, so I went for a cycle round the block. Bad mistake, I had a numpty come into the side of me. Luckily though (if you can call it luck) they ripped my front wheel out of the frame (the folded in two wheel was recovered from about 30ft away) but I and importantly the Ti bike were 90% fine. I was checked out by the paramedics anyway; who after doing so gave me and my bike a lift back to the party. I had forgotten in all the excitement to turn my Garmin off however, and snagged a 4th place. At the time though you couldn’t crop a strava ride on the phone, so I titled it ‘A ride to London Finishing in the back of an Ambulance - to be cropped when I get home tomorrow’. As I say despite the destroyed wheel, I and the bike were 90% fine, I enjoyed the party, borrowed a wheel and cycled back in a large peleton to Cambridge and with a few mates who I met there on to Peterborough. Got in and booted up the PC to crop the ride only to find some Sad Alan B’stard had flagged it already :roll_eyes:

The silver lining, if you can call it that, a year later my lawyers physio did assessment (no more than a little discomfort I said and it hadn’t stopped me cycling the next day) but whatever his report said had the case concluded in a week and the payout paid for my TT bike frame. I also did another 40,000 miles (including LBL, a few short versions of Flanders and the 312) on the bike that was hit.


A friend of mine got a CR (running) and he got flagged. He cleared it, it got flagged. I guess someone was upset about it :joy:

Funny thing his…he has a pretty famous last name. You would think maybe the guy who kept flagging it (finally cleared up now) would Google who he is and be like “Oh, oh, that is who took my time?”

A guy recently nabbed a bunch of KOM’s on my local trails. I take a closer look, and he cut ALL the trails. And then had the audacity to name his ride “Come at me bro” :rofl:

Between that stuff and eBikes, Strava has become such a joke. I am glad I stopped paying for it. Though I haven’t made anything public in months now, so I am basically not on it at all anyway.

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This recent post on the meme thread from @dmalanda seems appropriate here:


So I flagged a ride that took one of my KoMs next to a train track because the “rider” was travelling at 50mph along the tracks.

Just had the notification that his ride is back up so I assume somebody at Strava has determined it’s OK?

What are the next steps? How far should I go? I’m loosing my mind.

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Post it here. We’ll all flag it!


Two guys took the KOM yesterday on our regular (for this time of year) trail ride…pretty long segment at ~40 minutes. They got it because they entered the segment at the back of the group and finished with the group. never saw them at the front…

Tried to flag their rides but there wasn’t an option for “Never took a pull” so I had to let it go…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I keep asking Strava to add an option “GPS set to smart recording” for all those ridiculously short 10-second sprint segments that Strava screws up by using interpolation to show 38mph when the Strava speed channel data shows 32mph :rofl:


I don’t know about all this flagging rides bizzo. I’ve started giving kudos to the E bike riders in my local area. Way more fun.

Lol, on my phone I PR’d on a segment so I had a closer look 3rd to 10th are all folk that I know who are genuinely fast. But the 2 that’s ahead of them quite obviously forgot to turn off their GPS in the car after or before a trip to the local BMX park, 5.5mph average but a 56.7mph max on the flat :joy: I wonder how long it’ll be before someone flags them, I don’t have the heart to myself (they are probably only kids) :joy::joy:

Kids run Strava on their BMX rides?