Strava KOM’s - Etiquette of flagging rides


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You are projecting your feelings onto others…because you “care”, therefore everyone else must “care” as well, they just don’t want to admit it. Lots of people have Strava and never sniff a KOM.

I suppose I technically “care” a small amount, but in the grand scheme of things, I really don’t…if someone takes a KOM I have, I may try and take it back at some point, but I’m not going out hunting it down. Heck, until 3 days ago I didn’t even have Live Segments…and I only have it for the next 60 days because of a free trial, then I’ll lose it.

Lots of people don’t care…no need to project your feelings onto them, nor is there anything wrong with caring…but keep things in perspective. Blocking people because they took back a KOM is something I don’t understand…


Yeah, I’d actually wager that less people “care” about KOM’s than those that do.

I track a few for fun, but many of my friends that are active Strava users, employ it for tracking their rides, miles and following their fellow friends. They have no ability to hit most of the KOM’s in the area if they even tried. Some take some level of review of their own progress on some segments as a way to consider their fitness over time. But most of the people I know using it are leaning towards the casual & social side of the app.

Like any good tool, there are many ways to use it and assuming everyone else matches your use pattern is a mistake (aka projection as mentioned).


I’m going to “project” my feelings onto what @varmstrong said. I think this whole bit wrt people caring about segments applies to people in this thread saying they don’t care about segments. There are a lot of replies about segment flagging and a fair amount of them are professing how much they don’t care while also throwing a line in about how they watch segments, or used to, or just for fun, or whatever.

The point is, just own it. You care enough to contribute to a discussion about segment flagging. That’s caring. It’s ok to care about things.


I don’t have the time or inclination to review the whole thread, but I would suggest that this is a conflation of multiple people, not a large quantity of people doing it. Sure, there may be the odd outlier making those conflicting statements, but it is likely not representative of the overall responders.

To then go on to call others “obnoxious” and “holier-than-thou” indicates an unwillingness to engage in honest dialogue.

This seems to be taking a direction of “finger pointing” which is not in the spirit of “Rule #2” in the forum guidelines:

Challenge the Idea, not the Person

This builds on rule #1. The best arguments focus on the idea rather than the person who’s communicating the idea, whether it’s someone on the forum or a public figure. Let’s avoid making things personal and strive to live in the “counterargument” and above. And opinion is important! This is cycling, lots of stuff is subjective.

Please keep to the topic of note, flagging in this case.

Talk about projection.

If the shoe fits, wear it, i guess?

These are the most obnoxious people, in my opinion, that come onto this thread to proclaim how much they don’t care about the segment.

You don’t care enough to read the thread, but you care enough to pick one of my sentences to quote and analyze?

People at the sharp end of things typically care. Your professionals care. Its easy to say you don’t care about a segment when you’re 239/530. The guy who gets 40/54 in a race doesn’t really care who wins.

If someone started showing up in your dad’s tri club with mechanical doping or otherwise cheating on a segment, I bet your dad and his friends would care.

Bottom line is this, I was talking about the obnoxious holier than thou people who seem to chastise others for caring about a segment as if this means they are somehow inferior to care. Or that they have some sort of ego problem because they like to see their names at the top of a list.

If people didn’t like to see their names at the top, competition wouldn’t really be a thing, would it?

The real ego problem is the ego protection when you actually DO care, but can’t put in enough work or effort to get there, so it is easier to tell yourself you don’t actually care, and then condemn others that say they care.


Spot the difference…

past that…I’m out.

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This isn’t a group in reach of taking segments. 99.9% sure there are people on the rides with e bikes, they still are not out there hunting koms, it’s a 70 year old just still trying to get out there. Then they get home give each other kudos and comment how it was nice to get out for a ride… see you next week.

It is facebook for bikes to them, that is it.

Sure, and that’s great, and I’m genuinely happy that they are out there having fun. They also aren’t coming onto TR forum and stating that its stupid to care for KOMs or segments.

I am sure there are times when your dad is still competitive with his buddies… we’re like that as humans. It is in our genetics. This is why we have age group racing.

My main point in the first comment, was that people being obnoxious about not caring, like you are an egotistic jerk if you do, are obnoxious.

I’m damn proud of my KOMs. I have 3 pages of them despite being 55 years old and only having 2.75 watts per kg. I do have relatively good sprint and short power so I’ve used it to my advantage.

I’m more proud of some top 10s I’ve gotten. I’m 2nd on a segment after Brandon McNulty. I got a 28 second sprint KOM after trying for 6 months. I held it for a few years but eventually someone got me by 1 second. I also have a top 10 on a 7 minute climb where it’s all local hard hitters above me. I’m proud of that one because I rode above my usual abilities that day and I’m not a climber.

I draw the line at creating some circuitous route where I get the KOM and I’m the only person who ever rode that particular route. I don’t need to pad my KOM list.

And I’ll flag any ride that looks suspect (gps error, cutting course, ebike, whatever). It’s up to Strava to figure out if it’s legit.


Do 20+ people group rides taking all the cups on popular routes merit flagging?


Just like environmental assistance and TT bikes are ok.



@Majoeric I suppose Strava can’t police weather and bike type… but surely they could put a limit on the amount of cups won on group rides/within a few seconds of each other?

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Motivation to put together your own group on a favorable wind day!

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@WindWarrior I’ve got the KOM but only because I deliberately picked it off on an easy ride one day, but I don’t think having every segment on the full quite popular route having most of the cups all won by some from a 30+ group ride is very fair.

For what purpose? how can you determine who “deserves” a cup vs. not?

A few years ago, a group of us went up north across the Cheddar Curtain…really strong wind from the north and we were flying coming back. We damn near swept the top 10 on a few segments (although we weren’t really trying…it was just a consequence of the conditions). It happens…:man_shrugging:t2:


Its all part of the game.

Amgen Tour of California rolled thru here in 2017 and the men and women set high benchmarks on some key segments. It is what it is.

You got that right.


I dunno, I would say the first 2 or 3 from the pack.