Strava KOM/QOM in the Microcycle and Mesocycle

I like attempting KOMs. Most of us do. I’m almost at the fitness level where I can actually contest some in my local area.

How can I safely contest these KOMs without adversely affecting my training? Judging from some aerobic rides TrainerRoad plans incorporate that have a few little kicks at the end (Collins +1), I’m thinking they would fit best on a day I’m doing something like that. Days I have Petit or Carson scheduled. I’m talking 1-3 minute segments. Also, from a mesocycle prospective could I attempt some in my recovery week?

Thanks for the help!

Timely article:


Depends what these segments are. If its a 1-5 minute effort you can throw it in just about anywhere, I wouldn’t try for a 15-20 minute hard effort though unless it aligns with the plan. Personally I try to time my training to end in the warmer months.

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The punch line of this is to either add it to my training calendar as a C race or a A/B race. Which would eliminate the workout for the day or cause a taper depending on A, B, or C. What I’m wondering, is it gonna hurt me to attempt one or two on a aerobic day in a normal training cycle? Does it cancel the intended effects of that ride?

from the article:

“With outside workouts, you can target segments that coincide with your intervals,”

I was introduced to the concept of turning inter-vals into Strava-vals last year. Here is one of the Strava-vals principles, which expands on the sentence I plucked from the TR blog post:

#2 Choose & ‘Star’ your segment in Strava. Remember the duration of the segment you choose forces specific physiological adaptations:

  • 20 – 60 second segment(s) train your anaerobic ‘glycolytic’ pathway
  • 3 – 6 minute segment(s) train your VO2 Max
  • 8 – 60 minute segment trains your threshold power (TT & Climbing)

Treat it as a C race and do some additional intervals, to better match the workout you are replacing.

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Ok thanks. So basically, it would be better to replace a workout I would have done, that would be comparable to the segment, rather than compromise the integrity of the aerobic workout (Petit).

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have fun and hope you grab a KOM or two or three or … :biking_man: :trophy:

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