Strange activities appearing in my Windows client

I’m getting activities with a strange name in my Windows client calendar …



Hey there! Thanks for the heads up.

For starters, have you tried logging out of your TR app, closing it, reopening it, and logging back in? It could also be worth restarting your computer if it’s been a while.

I haven’t seen odd activities like this pop up in the app before, so I’m going to check in with our bug hunters to ask for their insight.

Fingers crossed the ol’ restart of the app/computer does the trick, though. :wink:

We’ll post an update to this issue once we figure out what’s up!

I noticed the same on my Mac with mohave last night. I think it only happened after I resynced my workout (done so the workout image would show in the strava activity)

I have the same weird activities popping up on PC. Has been happening for a bit over a week now

I tried restarting, logging out/in. Strange activities are still in the calendar.

Got it, sorry for the trouble. Our developers have been made aware of this issue and it should be fixed with the next app update!

Our Support Team reported that another athlete who had this problem downloaded the latest version of the TR Beta App, which got things sorted for them. That could be worth a try in your case as well if you’d prefer not to wait for the next update to be released.

Thanks for the quick follow-up. Appreciated!

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