Story of a noob after 1.5y Trainerroad

I’m adding this story of my experience of starting indoor cycling after many years of drinking, partying and being locked to the couch. In the hope that it may help others who are trying to make a change.

I started Trainerroad 1.5y ago with a low-volume sweet spot. While my FTP was rising quickly, I also felt my muscles were ahead of my stamina so I decided to add some 2h endurance rides. At the time I felt the training was pushing me too hard (my heart rate was through the roof), I felt I couldn’t keep my FTP for more than 20 minutes even though both the ramp test and AI gave more or less the same FTP. Yet, I felt strong.

After 3 months, I thought I was ready for my goal; a 3-day cycling trip in Liege. The trip there - 200km, which I occasionally did the years before as well, without training - felt just as horrible as if I hadn’t trained at all. Demotivated as I was, I quit training for a few months.

A few months later, I picked up training again. This time I opted for a traditional base (not the actual plan but I made up my schedule myself). Over the course of 3 months, I found myself doing 4h endurance training 2 times a week. This progressed my FTP at a slower pace but boy did it pay off. The stamina base is extremely important (which is probably very evident for most people here). However, I felt a bit that TR pushed me towards an SS plan claiming it provides the same endurance benefits that long, lower-paced rides give you (for the record, no blame towards TR).

I now feel better than ever. My power after 3 months was lower but I could go all day. A few months later, I’m now past the FTP I had a year ago and I can actually hold it much longer. I even did the hour record at my FTP of a year ago, which back then I couldn’t hold for 20 minutes. The occasional 4h rides are a blessing, couldn’t recommend it more.

Next week I have the same trip to Liege and I feel confident.

Just wanted to share this with any new people; if you are like me, stick to endurance for as long as possible. Don’t start intervals until you have the stamina to back it up. It seems very trivial but I fell for the FTP game too early.

BTW my consensus on TR is that I absolutely love it! After picking up training again I quickly bumped up to a yearly membership.


Same experience. Its why I quit and got a coach. Stopped focusing on “raising that cool number everybody loves” and focused on building a solid base and workouts catered to the style of racing I do.

That and incredibly sick of waiting on outside workouts :roll_eyes:

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How did your training hours evolve between these 2 approaches?


It takes a while to realise FTP is a means to an end and not a goal on its own. It’s not easy with the gamification of career levels (or whatever they’re called) and the FTP line in your face. Very happy thought with the workout levels etc, they really help, as long as you view them as a tool and not a goal.

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Went from 6 hours to 8 hours on average I would say. I try to do 2 sessions of 4-hour rides each week. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on work etc Often I can only do 1 session a week, I thought this would be disruptive but this does not seem to be the case.

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Im forever grateful for TR introducing and solidifying the importance of consistency with interval training. However I despise the trainer and will gladly ride in sleet/snow over even an hour on the god forsaken trainer. I know how to do workouts outside. Power profiles look exactly like the TR blue screens. I became aware of constant pressure and picking the appropriate course for the workout. Super blessed to have 2 hour climbs taking a left from my driveway, or flat terrain taking a right.

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Ohhh. You’re just riding 2x at 4hrs each. Gotcha. Yeah those extra hours in a session pay dividends. Especially when translating to longer goal events

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I actually kind of like it, when I work together with my team I can do a decent 4-hour ride during work. I keep focus (can’t be distracted changing applications or browsing) and time flies by. What I like most about the indoor trainer is that you keep peddling, there are no breaks. Somehow this gives a great feeling afterwards,

Don’t get me wrong, I love outdoor rides, I just don’t mind doing long grinds indoors as well.

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Thanks so much for sharing your story @Toyaroku! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Cycling has a way to make us better. I remember when I moved to the States when I was a teenager I was pretty upset with the world. Cycling became my outlet and such a huge part of who I’d become as a person.

Have fun in Liege, I know you’ll crush it!