Rent / borrow bike in San Diego

I will visit family in San Diego for almost 3 weeks and would like to stay in shape. Does anybody know where to rent / borrow a road bike (size 56)? Although thought about buying a clunker off Craigslist…

I did just that, though only for one day, a few years ago when I knew I’d have an extra day in San Diego after a trade show. I rented a bike from UC Cyclery up in La Jolla for a quick out and back up along the coast. I forget which model, but it was a decent Specialized road bike. I brought my own kit, shoes, and pedals.

The climb back up through Torrey Pines.

UC Cyclery in La Jolla or Holland’s in Coronado. Might also check Moment in between those two. I believe all three rent road bikes.

I’ll be in SD too in like three weeks. I’m starting to look for routes that start around Camp Pendleton. If anyone has any suggestions, especially routes with climb, let me know where to look!

Synaptic Cycles

I’ve used them 2 or 3 times in the San Diego area,

I’m usually only out there a few days at a time and ride mostly up and down the coast between Pendleton and Torrey Pines. I also like the San Luis Rey River Trail around Oceanside to get away from traffic.

For longer climbs you’ve got Palomar Mountain, or if you want a really long one go out to Borrego Springs and climb up the Montezuma Valley Road.

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Awesome, thank you!

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