Madrid and Seville Bike Shop / Rental recommendations

Hello TR Forum Users,

I am looking for advice on bike shops and bike rental places in Seville and Madrid Spain. I will be there on vacation but will get the opportunity to ride at least twice. I would also accept route suggestions, but looking to get out of the city to see the country side when riding (I’ll get plenty of the city the rest of the week).

Not sure about shops, but I know from my own trip to Portugal last year there are some companies that operate in both Spain and Portugal which can ship a bike to your hotel. I used this company when I was there and they were easy to work with. The bike itself (a fuji sportif) was in rough shape cosmetically but worked fine and did its job

I know a good rent place at the
They are located in the Valencia, but I think in the Madrid they have an office or place where they are stand. So you can call and ask. Last year I take here a 3 bikes for the weekends for 18 euro each. Think this is not a big price.
Good Luck!